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Shizuko (Character Story - Comments Welcome!)

Theme Song: Kerli - Walking on Air

Known as: Shizuko (In Japanese this means “quiet child.” In Elder Scrolls, it’s just nice sounding syllables thrown together)
Born Name: Falil Forestdale
Alias: Beeha Caedorees
Race: Bosmer / Wood Elf
Age: 18

Shizuko is a relatively shy and quiet person around those she doesn’t know. She’s a follower, normally allowing others to do the introductions and set the rules. But upon getting to know others, she becomes mischievous and almost a Harley-Quinnesque-like character. This mischievousness is the most intense around her companion Demithian.

While outwardly, she seems like just a joker, she’s also cursed with insanity. She has an unhealthy obsession with the Daedric Prince Sheogorath; there is no more pure a madness than a mortal in love with Daedric Prince. This often gets her in trouble in the Three-Worshiping Pact that Demithian and Shizuko wander through.

While insane, she isn’t evil or cruel. She is often the balancing force behind her companion. She discriminates against no race, despite her previous enslavement, and she will often give gold and trinkets to the pour. She tends to have an open heart to those who need aid, though her aid may not be the kind that most expect.In the grand scheme of things, she is a neutral force, more aligned with the Thieves Guild in “lawfulness”.

In battle, Shizuko tends to try to stay to the shadows, attacking from a distance and escaping when in danger. Her favored weapon is the bow, though there is often a time she will strike with a dagger for those who get too close.

Shizuko was born in Valenwood by the name of Falil Forestdale. She was the beloved daughter of a Bosmer General, whom in search of good fortune and glory, set sail to explore Tamriel and bring back fortune to his scavenging, Green Pact-following people. Not wanting to see her beloved father leave her, she stowed away on the ship he had hired to take him and his fellow adventures. By the time her family realized she had gone and was stowed away on the ship, it was too late to send word to warn them of their innocent stowaway.

Naturally stealthy and flexible, she managed to keep from being found during the majority of the voyage. Food had been going missing, but the small thefts were blamed on rats rather than a child aboard. To her, this had become an intense game of hide-and-seek, and the ability to see her father on his voyage. There was many time she was almost caught, but she would manage to get away just in time.

After many months of sailing, exploring the lands between of Valenwood and Black Marsh, they landed in Argonia. The ship was seen as a foreign and unwelcome sight to the isolated Argonians, and upon landing a battle ensued. Shizuko was hiding in a supply crate that was taken ashore in the ensuing battle.

The battle was long and fierce, and while trying to escape the fighting she was knocked out and left in the marsh. Her father and many of his fellow adventurers retreated. She was left among the dead, her small frame unnoticed in all the carnage. She was the only survivor among those left behind, and no one knew to look for her. From their own manifest, all were dead or accounted for before the retreat, and they set sail once again.

Shizuko was found by an Argonian Warrior. None of the Argonians knew what to make of the child found among the bodies. She was helpless, innocent, and alone. From the blow to her head, she also had amnesia. She could no longer remember Valenwood nor her father. She was escorted to their Tree-Minder and a fierce debate on what would be her fate ensued. In the end, it was the Hist Tree that ended the debate and gave the young Bosmer mercy. She was renamed “Beesha” and adopted to an Argonian couple who had recently lost an egg in the hatching.

She was treated well by her new family. She was taught to respect nature and survive in the harsh, and dangerous marshes of her village. Despite being scaleless, she was considered one of them. But the village, being along the coast, was often attacked by Dunmer slavers. At 8 She had just learned how to shoot her first bow, of which she was a natural, when the village was attacked yet again by invaders.

This time the village had not been so lucky to win the battle. Shizuko’s family was enslaved and she was separated from the family. The Dunmer paid the Argonians no mind, even as they insisted she was their daughter. She was seen as exotic and unusual to the slavers. A Bosmer being raised by Argonians was unheard of. They figured her unusual history would fetch a high price; they weren’t wrong.

Shizuko was sold to House Dres. There she was noticed as being pretty, at least when it came to Bosmer looks, as well as being agile. Instead of being fated to the hard labor her family was subjected to, she was trained to become a dancer and acrobat. She was a source of entertainment for the family. As long as she behaved, she was treated well. She was allowed to read from their vast library when she was not attending to her duties. In her time as their servant, her natural ability in stealth was taken advantage of. She was taught to be a “shadow-dancer,” using a limited number of nightblade abilities to dance in and out of shadows. Any risk of her escaping was limited; her collar was enchanted with a magelight spell. If she got too far from the confines of the manor, it would cast magelight and give away any attempt at escape.

She served the family for 10 years. Being separated from her family, and the years of being the half-beloved, half-spoiled slave of the Dres family had not been the best for her mental state. To keep from despair, she would read and research the many tales about Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness. What had once been a curiosity soon became obsession, the only saving grace from true despair. There the madness of her condition, most likely to the Prince’s pleasure, took root. She became a puny and insignificant mortal in love with a Daedric Prince.

This did not please her Masters, who worshiped the Three. It wasn’t long until her love for the Daedric Prince was discovered and she was sold back to the slavers, enchanted collar and all. It was re-enchanted to keep her in the range of a totem. The slavers began their journey to Mournhold to attempt to sell her. She would fetch a fine price, Daedric Worshiping Madwoman or not. She was a talented shadowdancer and acrobat; she also had skills in provisioning, clothing, and woodworking. As long as her new Master was talented in magelight spells, they’d have little issue keeping her within sight. Being a Bosmer, she was not under the protections as one of the Pact races would be given.

That is… if she had made it to Mournhold in the first place.

One night when the slavers made camp, a cold and eerie wind seemed to take the camp. It was on this night that a wandering Imperial, Demithian Rasai, laid siege to the merchant’s encampment. He left none of them alive; the slaves that were for sale escaped in the carnage, but Shizuko, bound to the magelight totem, wasn’t able to escape. The dark figure, perhaps her own Knight in Shining Armor, brought his blade down upon the totem and broke it. The enchantment that kept her from slinking off into darkness was shattered. He took her hand and lead her away from the camp. He had left nothing but a graveyard behind.

Shizuko didn’t know what to make of her new found freedom. She had not been her own person; not even once in her life. That combined with utter madness left her somewhat childish in nature. Not having anywhere to go, nor the knowledge to make her own money for survival, left her fairly dependent on her new rescuer.

Demithian took pity on her; knowing she was not part of the Pact, he felt it was unsafe to leave her so close to Mournhold. He took her on as his squire, nurturing her abilities as a nightblade with knowledge of siphoning. It was easy to train her natural affinity for the bow and dagger. It didn’t take her long to be a sufficient companion.

Despite what he could try, she noticed his harsh treatment of Argonians. Always living on his reactions, and being naturally mischievous, she began to address him as Wears-Long-Skirts, noting his habit of wearing long, leather skirts over his plate leggings. Her antics around him always ranged from teasing to mild irritation.

Luckily, they didn’t tend to stay around others too long. Her mischief was usually kept tame by the fact she was painfully shy around strangers. Her personality kept her shy and reserved around those she did not know; but if she was to befriend someone, she soon took on the act of the joker… leaving Demithian as the one to be picked on.

*Warning* Don’t let her do the introductions… you’ll live to regret it, dear knight!


-Green Pact
-Timeline / Ages (Her age is based on Queen Ayrenn’s)
-House Dres

-Bosmer Names
-Argonian Names

Characters Mentioned:
@Kiregean = Demithian Rasai
@Taisynn = Shizuko

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