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Hello currently seeking guild for new player

Soul Shriven
Hello I am currently a Nord tank seeking a guild but i am not afraid of joining other factions and becoming a tank for a guild that doesnt mind heling out a new player. I have played a little MMO so i know how tank rolls are played. Also i am willing to come on 3 days a week and even every weekend to help build up my character and also when i can help in raids and pvp games for the guild. I do hope someone will invite me. Also i do have mic and headset so i can use skype or any other form of communication for the game.
  • Drivan
    I'm so glad that I found this post!
    We are Souls of Fate, an EP guild and we are actually in need of more pure tanks. We have 1 pure tank and several others who are able to tank but are actually healers or DPS by trade.
    We are a laid back and social guild. Currently we are working on dungeons and getting more folks to V16 so that we can do more Vet runs and pledges.
    Please feel free to contact me, Drivan (@Drivan) or Gamer (@Gamerratic) or reach out to us on our Website @

    It would be awesome to hear from you soon!

    Happy hunting!
  • Vindemiatrix
    The AssemblyOfSafetyNSecurity is mostly DC if you find yourself swinging that way, although since cross-faction dungeoning became possible we have been picking up more members from other factions. Here is our main post:
    Guildmama: AssemblyOfSafetyNSecurity
    Vindemiatrix, V16 DC DK, Master Angler
    holee hand grenade, V16 DC Templar, Master Angler
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