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Looking for Builds- Bosmer alternatives?

Soul Shriven
I’m planning some alts (largely for crafting, but to level and play some as well) soon and am looking for updated builds. My primary goal is roleplay-ish flavor and fun, but I’d still like to be viable and effective in content. Can anyone suggest a good build or direct me to one?

Build/Playstyle goals:

I mostly solo and explore, but I’d like to be able to jump in and help with dungeons and groups when the opportunity arises. I’ve never tried pvp in ESO, but would like to if my system can handle it.

Essentially, attempting to port a character concept from another game into ESO for kicks. Character is an elven green-mage type. ( Chloromancer from Rift, if you’ve played that one. If not, think Poison Ivy with heals.) That was basically an elemental mage, but the element involved is plant life.
Bosmer seems the most obvious racial choice, because of course it does. And they get horns! Horns! However, I haven’t seen a lot of ways that Bosmer synergize with the healing role effectively. At all. They seem to be pretty destined for Night Blade role above all, and apparently they’re not always even the best NB...Were the good traits on a really high shelf when they were being handed out?
I’m not flat out opposed to NB, although I’ve never played that sort of character before. I suppose I mostly resent the shoe-horning of the entire race and being stuck with something “predictable” as much as anything. So either something more creative, or talk me into how awesome and fitting NB actually is!

Currently already have a Breton magicka healing templar and a low level Altmer with Deltia’s magicka DK build, so some variety in class or at least playstyle would be welcome.

Best Answer

  • Ashmolean
    Soul Shriven
    And here I've heard that Stam Sorcs were all kinds of Flavor of the Month. Interesting! Thank you.
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