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A new magicka NB questions...

Hey gals and guys,
as I have decided to create a new magicka NB - I need some suggestions/a few pointers - what race (Breton? High elf? Dunmer? Imperial?), what weapon for the beginning/leveling (dual wield? destro staff?), which skills/spells?
I did try to find anything on the net - but there were end game builds only....
PvE. untill I uncover pvp

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  • Sunburnt_Penguin
    For a MagickaNB I'd say Dunmer is the best race. Only 1% max Magicka less than Breton and Altmer and you get 6% extra Stamina (useful with dodge rolling) and 7% bonus Flame damage (good with the Destro Inferno Staff). Granted, you won't get Magicka cost reduction or recovery but on mine I rarely drop below 50% because it's so easy to manage my Magicka pool.

    Really, though, any of those races will be a good choice so if you don't like the look of one or it's in a different Alliance to friends - don't pick it as you probably won't notice the difference too much.

    Starting off you want to focus on levelling the 3 NB skill lines and probably equip a Resto & Destro Staff. When you have more skill points and you're further down the line you can then go to levelling DW as well but the real benefits of DW (as you're only using the passives - not the actual abilities) don't come in to effect until you're decently levelled (Rank 30 and 50 iirc) in that tree.

    Unless of course you like the look of holding two blades then going DW from the off and using only the NB skills won't hinder you at all as you'll just be using a good NB skills in place of a good Destro ability.

    When you get weapon swapping at level 15: having one damage dealing bar and one utility/healing bar is a good way to go. In regards to the core skills, though, the main ones you'll want are:
    Lotus Fan,
    Concealed Weapon,
    Cloak (the morph that gives crit),
    Siphoning Strikes (or Attacks - I always forget what it's called)
    Funnel Health
    Mass Hysteria
    Grim Focus (not sure which morph though)

    I'm not online so I can't check for definitive but I think thats your bread & butter for a MagickaNB. Just remember, though.. even if a skill starts off as requiring Stamina, when you level it up and can morph it there will be a Magicka option so always choose that.

    Let me know if you need more info
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  • leepalmer95
    High elf/ Breton


    In that order.

    I'd use a desto staff when you first start. Get funnel/swallow soul as your main beginning dps.
    PS4 EU DC

    Current CP : 756+

    I have every character level 50, both a magicka and stamina version.

    RIP my effort to get 5x v16 characters...
  • Brrrofski
    High elf or breton.

    Use a staff to begin with. Weave with it an Swallow soul.

    If you want to play pvp, you'll probably want to swap to dual wield at some point for more damage.
    Xbox One EU
  • maciopa
    @Sunburnt_Penguin , @leepalmer95 , @Brrrofski - thank you for your suggestions!
  • player_klaus
    right from the start, you want to put as many siphoning abilities on your bar as possible.

    --> nb's class-aoe is unlocked in the siphoning tree at rank 42.
    (makes group-content/grind much more easy)

    then, do the same with the assassination tree:

    --> get mercyless resolve.

    ...mages guild 10 and hf.

    kill mobs on destro and turn in quests on resto bar.
    dont miss to lvl s&b + dw too.
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