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The Golden Flame [EU-EP, Heavy RP, Daedra Hunting]

The Golden Flame

"Darkness is merely an absence of light. If you suffer because you do not rise to fill the void, you have none but yourself to blame."

As you are on your way through the lands of the Pact, you come across a sheet of paper, which is headed with a charcoal drawing of a brazier. Perhaps this sheet of paper was nailed to a nearby post, perhaps it was fluttering along the street in the breeze, or perhaps you found it folded within the pages of a seemingly forgotten book. Beneath the brazier, it reads:
"Perhaps you are a person of honour, whose first and foremost concern is to protect the meek. Perhaps you desire nothing more than fame and glory; to go down in the history books as one of the great heroes of Tamriel. Perhaps you are a thrill seeker who lusts after the excitement of bringing down those more powerful than most who will ever wield a blade. Perhaps you seek to bring glory to your deity by acting as their wrath upon their enemies. Perhaps you merely seek the comfort of cold, hard coin.

Then, this one's friend, The Golden Flame has just what you seek. We are the flame that burns brighter than any other, the flame that burns the darkness from the face of Tamriel, and the flame that is fuelled by a steady flow of gold. If you are willing to rid Tamriel of the pestilence of the Four Abominations, seek us out."

The Golden Flame, unlike many other daedra-hunting organisations, is not bound to any one religion. The guild exists not solely to honour any one god by dispelling those that offend him or her, but to protect the citizens of the Tamriel from the daedric scourge that spews forth from Oblivion. Of course, those who wish to fight the daedra for the honour of their chosen deity are more than welcome within the guild's ranks. In fact, all who are willing to risk their lives against the Four Abominations have a place within the guild, whether they fight for the high pay such dangerous work brings, or merely for the thrill of battling enemies a cut above the run-of-the-mill bandits that are all too common to Tamriel's roads.

The guild was founded in 582 by the daedra hunter Dro'Khaj, who, upon coming to the conclusion that the plague of the Worm Cult upon the Rift had become too great to ignore, took it upon himself to gather as many hunters of abominations under a single banner so that a force strong enough to effectively combat the cult could come to be. The banner they gather under is the banner of The Golden Flame. Over time the Flame grew, having severely weakened the Worm Cult's influence, and set its sights beyond the Rift, working in many of northern Tamriel's regions against threats ranging from the ever-notorious Worm Cult to secretive vampiric orders. The Flame has since grown beyond its small origins in the town of Nimalten both in size and in influence, and it boasts membership and impact from Windhelm to Wayrest.

While the Flame is not as rigidly based around hierarchy as many fellow daedra-hunting organisations are, the guild does have a set of ranks that must be honoured. At the head of the guild is the Guildmaster, who has supreme authority within the guild; his word is final. Below him are his Lieutenants, who assist the Guildmaster with administrative duties and decision-making. Below them are the guild's Blades, worthy hunters of abominations, who form the backbone of the guild.

Events are currently on a flexible basis and hosted whenever members are able to get together. Anyone in the guild is welcome to host events, and need only organise a time and place for them. Times for events are usually decided by discussion amongst those who will be involved. Besides events within the guild, the Flame also operates as a unit in community-wide events, such as the recent Reachman Invasion, for which we hosted several open events.

The GMing structure of events will depend on who is GMing, so you'll be entirely likely to get to experience a wide range of GMing styles. For example, some of us like to use rolling systems when GMing, others prefer to use more freeform structures for flexibility. None of the GMing styles used are hard to adapt to, so even if you're unused to roleplaying with a certain style of GMing you won't be faced with anything challenging.

If you've read this far, I've probably piqued your interest, which is good. If you do wish to join the guild, contact @MaceWindows or @khajiit2992 in-game.

The Golden Flame, sword of the divines, protector of the meek, hand of justice, discussing how they're going to brutally torture their prisoner.

What a lovely day for a picnic in the Ashlands. Unfortunately, the Flame are spending it rescuing Dralas. Inconsiderate ***.

We tied a piece of buttered toast to Zvina's back. She refused to touch the ground.

Fare ye well, warm and sunny land of the Rift.

Don't deal with Bretons, they'll only give you the fake severed heads of your comrades.

Jaitu had an interesting way of eating fish.

Sometimes you just need to dump your problems on the resident vampire.

Ah, this mission. Let us never speak of it again.

Our last guild meeting in Eldbjorg's Hideaway. I'll miss the old place, run down as it was.

Vampires, in my Flame? It's more likely than you think.

Off-screen: all the action.

For a Breton, Agryn is surprisingly adept at not dying.
Story time with Uxthal! Unsurprisingly it ends in fiery death.
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  • Flexar
    Our first story arc has drawn to a dramatic conclusion, and we have amassed a decent pool of members, but the guild is still welcoming more into its ranks.
  • Flexar
    Just a bump to show that we're still alive and kicking.
  • rotorka
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, I'd like to ask if you guys take low level people too?
  • Flexar
    Of course! We don't have any minimum level for players who want to join.
    Edited by Flexar on February 14, 2015 4:23PM
  • Flexar
    Another bump to show that we're still going and open to new members.
  • OneWithTheShadows
    Nice thread.
  • Grisemn
    hello Flex! its me Grisemn and just stumbled upon this and wanted to ask if you still have space for me? beacuse i have multiple characters that could be interested in joining, The Battlemage Grismar, The insane knight Odvar and of course the wizard Eraamin. its of course your choice which you want :smiley: see you in 1 day when i am back home
  • Flexar
    It's the Flame's first birthday today! Here's to a year of smiting abominations past, and many more to come.

  • altemriel
    invite me pls,

    I am AD, DK, VR1, dps
    Edited by altemriel on November 5, 2015 12:44PM
  • Flexar
    "So, uhh, vampire lords are fine and all, but how do we get this open?"

    Just a bump to clarify that we're still alive and kicking!
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