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PS4 NA DC trials dungeons small scale pvp recruiting

Hey everyone I'm RobHaywood, I'm recruiting for my guild GUHLA, we are a small guild and we are very active. We also always talk in Guild Chat 1. We do all dungeons and all daily vet pledges, we also do trials every weekend. Looking to recruit some like minded people who want to be part of our family. Gotta be a team player we take care of eachother. Message me here or on PSN RobHaywood1989 thanks for your time
  • KlowninReaper
    I would like to join. I just got a ps4 again n need ppl to play with. I'm chill n laid with 4 kids n play to keep my sanity. I don't have anything to my toons atm. Currently have a lvl 9 n quickly growing.

  • WolfWarrior84
    i would like to join i am just getting into pvp. i am very active and willing to help when i can my psn is papasmurf8484
    PS4 na server DC & EP Alliance
    Champion point 646
    Argonain templar healer, orc dragon knight tank, high elf sorcerer dps, kajiit knightblade dps , Stam Sorc pvp
  • xNaughtyNinjax
    I would love to join. I'm active and experienced.
    PSN: NaughtyNinja7
  • yodased
    I'm not really looking for a guild bit if you find yourself short death dealers hit me up
    Tl;dr really weigh the fun you have in game vs the business practices you are supporting.
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