Vokul's DK Healer Build: DK HEALS OP

Gear - 7/7 Light Armor, all pieces Divine

Head: Spell Power Cure
Shoulders: Trinimac's Valor
Chest: Trinimac's Valor (Robe)
Gloves: Spell Power Cure
Sash: Spell Power Cure
Breeches: Spell Power Cure
Boots: Spell Power Cure

Neck: Trinimac's Valor (Healthy trait / Spell Damage enchant)
Rings: Trinimac's Valor (Healthy trait / Spell Damage enchant)

Staff 1: Maelstrom's Inferno Staff (Sharpened / Precise)
Staff 2: Maelstrom's Restoration Staff (Precise)

Mundus: The Thief

Race: Dunmer
-Breton or High Elf would be better for dedicated healer builds, but my main has been Dunmer since pre-launch, and contributing damage to the groups overall DPS is one of my priorities

Stats with Major Prophecy, Intellect, and Sorcery:

Health: 19359
Magicka: 36976
Stamina: 10138

Magicka Recovery: 1377
Spell Damage: 2383 (resto) 2610 (destro)
Spell Critical: 69% (resto) 65.8% (destro)

Bar 1
1. Molten Whip
2. Burning Embers / Fire Ring when needed
3. Engulfing Flames
4. Degeneration
5. Inner Light
6. Standard of Might

Bar 2
1. Igneous Shield
2. Healing Ward
3. Healing Springs
4. Rapid Regeneration
5. Inner Light
6. Shooting Star

Champion Points

31 Hardy
31 Elemental Defender
100 Bastion
-the remaining 5 points is up to you

53 Blessed
48 Elemental Expert
66 Elfborn

100 Magician
67 Arcanist


As this update comes to an end, I give you the build I have healed every group content in the game with on my DK, this includes 12 man raids and No-Death dungeon runs such as vICP, vWGT, and vCOA. The main focus of this build is to not allow the group to take much damage and allow Spell Power Cure to proc when your allies are at 100% health. DPS is just as important as healing, and contributes to the group's ability to eliminate any threat opposing them. Engulfing Flames is a great buff to any magicka build that is not a DK in your group running an Inferno staff, and cast Burning Embers on bosses and the mobs in the packs that have more HP than the smaller enemies that die much quicker form the groups AOE. Your destro bar DoTs are buffed both by the Maelstrom's staff and the passive Molten Whip buff, allowing you to apply your DoTs to focus on healing. This is important as our health is nearly 20k and magicka around 37k so any buff to damage is greatly welcomed, there is a reason to this.

This build is centered around Igenous Shield's group damage mitigation and the minor mending buff it provides for 4 seconds when cast. As well as buffing our heals, the shield will proc Trinimac's Valor which heals the group and does moderate AOE damage. Rapid Regeneration will keep an insanely strong HoT on your allies as well as return magicka to you and when you need to heal you cast Igneous Shield, Healing Springs back and forth. It is important to alternate casts and not spam healing springs to proc trinimac and you shouldn't have to worry because your 20k health and 100 points into Bastion will grant them a 4k shield every cast (which is just about as strong as the tank's group shield). On the rare occasion an someone's health gets hit hard you cast Healing Ward, which will bring them right back up to full health with your HoTs rolling and shields mitigating all of the incoming damage.

For 12 man content (raids and Wrothgar bosses), I like to swap out Spell Power Cure for Combat Physician. Although it cannot proc trinimac it does allow more controlled health management for such a large group of allies. To make up for the loss of Spell Power Cure, I slot Combat Prayer on my resto bar replace Burning Embers with Igneous Shield. I like to keep Entropy on my bar to have even magicka on both bars and get the Mage's Guild passives for two abilities on my bar. Re-morphing Degeneration to Structured Entropy will buff your shield if you use this alternate setup, and I would swap out one healthy Tinimac Ring with an Arcane one with Magicka Regeneration on it to make up for set bonus losses that Spell Power Cure was granting. This setup is a little more difficult to use because your shield is on your destro bar forcing you to make much more important uses of your casts.

When Thieves Guild drops, the Spell Power Cure setup will still be BiS for 4 man content, replacing Standard of Might with Magma Shell and Burning Embers, Degeneration, or Inner Light with Cauterize on the destro bar. Engulfing Flames can be swapped out for Igneous Weapons or Elemental Drain and Molten Whip may be replaced with Obsidian Shard. For 12 man content, I would replace Combat Physician with Twilight's Remedy and add Burning Talons and Necrotic Orbs somewhere on the destro bar for the group to be able to synergize and proc the 5 piece set bonus which increases their critical damage as well as grant them a strong HoT.

I hope this build helps any DK healers out there (if there even are any beside myself) or anyone interested in trying to heal on a DK, because it is and has been very much possible and is a very fun build when utilized the right way. Just remember that the more shields you can give your group, the less they have to use stamina to block and more importanly:



Vokul Lovaas - V16 Magicka Dragonknight
Vokul Vol - V16 Magicka Nightblade

Order of Mundus - NA DC

DK heals OP
  • Septimus_Magna
    Looks like a good build, I dont really understand why you go for Healing Springs?

    Illusterous Healing lasts a second longer, effectively a 25% healing buff. I think that out-weights the small magicka return.

    Choking Talons is also very useful to AOE dmg debuff mobs, this allows you to focus more on dps because you have to do 15% less healing.

    Septimus Mezar - Altmer Sorcerer
    Magna Firebreath - Dunmer Dragon Knight
    Septimus Jah'zar - Khajiit Nightblade
    Septimus Thragar - Dunmer Nightblade
    Septimus Rulanir - Altmer Templar
    Septimus Nerox - Redguard Warden
  • puffy99
    You lost me at SPC. don't have it..
  • Septimus_Magna
    puffy99 wrote: »
    You lost me at SPC. don't have it..

    You could go for 5x Trinimac, 5x Kagrenacs and 1x Molag Kena ( or 1x Monster set with Health 1pc).
    Septimus Mezar - Altmer Sorcerer
    Magna Firebreath - Dunmer Dragon Knight
    Septimus Jah'zar - Khajiit Nightblade
    Septimus Thragar - Dunmer Nightblade
    Septimus Rulanir - Altmer Templar
    Septimus Nerox - Redguard Warden
  • Kozai
    You could go for 5x Trinimac, 5x Kagrenacs and 1x Molag Kena ( or 1x Monster set with Health 1pc).

    I heard Kagrenacs lost some of its rez speed with this update, is it still worth it for a healer?

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