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Thieve's Guild Review & interview with Mike Finnigan

@crazmadsci and D3rpymuffins recently helped in an interview with @ZOS_Finn, lead dungeon designer, and also did a review of some of the upcoming thieves guild changes. Here are the videos, enjoy!

ESO Interview with Mike Finnigan

ESO Thieves Guild Review (UI Features)

ESO Thieves Guild Review (Overworld)

ESO Thieves Guild Review (Trial Changes)

ESO Thieves Guild Review (Champion Points)

ESO Thieves Guild Review (Ability Changes)

ESO Thieves Guild Review (New Sets, Styles, and Items)

ESO Thieves Guild Review (Final Thoughts)

Also thank you @ZOS_GinaBruno and other community leads for your help in facilitating this request
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  • CP5
    Commenting here since I did watch some of the interview (commenting before watching most of it so it may have come up) but there seems to be more dps checks than were brought up. For example the very first MSA arena's boss is one big dps check. If the boss teleports enough times he summons to many mobs and will begin out-healing most any damage and with him being the first boss that acts as a bouncer for the whole dungeon. It helps let players know if they can or cannot do vMSA but also can just cause needless frustration.

    Any idea if they are going to reevaluate dps checks in game as the meta shifts more and more to max damage and less toward everything else?
  • crazmadsci
    @CP5 agreed there are more DPS checks in the game than were listed in the interview and that specific fight at vMSA 1st boss: Maxus the Many is a good indication.

    However the DPS required for that fight as a check was relativity low compared to some other fights. I find most people struggling with the Magic Damage from the Blue AOE that tends to follow people and it gets some distracted. If you are struggling try using a shield like Harness Magicka.

    But I do like the fact that it does give a player a bit of an indication of what to expect in there because it can be a long and heart breaking experience if unprepared.
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  • CP5
    I'm just saying (aside from MSA's overall pure and unending haterade toward me from drops) that these sort of things, while having their place in game, just reinforce the current damage stacking meta. There is a line here in game, those who farm end game content and those who can't really compete. The number of people between the two is slim from what i've seen and the way a lot of the systems are designed support this.
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