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Looking for PvE Guild for Ebonhart Pact

Hey everyone! Myself and a close friend of mine are looking for a very active PvE Guild that does Trials often, helps with pledges, basically very active and does all content and farming runs. We're both in Ebonhart Pact, play on PC on the NA server. We both play daily too if that makes a difference. Any responses are appreciated!
Alawen Springshade | Breton | Magicka Sorcerer | DPS | 200CP | Ebonhart Pact

Spartan Legion | Immortal Fury

"Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"

[PC] [NA]
  • Alexandrious
    *bumping* this. The close friend she mentioned would be me. I am a VR16 Magicka DK Tank, yes the kind thats getting super buffed in the upcoming update. CP 185, which I guess would bump up to 230 in the update. Pretty much looking for a PVE guild based in Ebonhart that does all of PVE, be they trials, pledges, Wrothgar, new upcoming content, etc. Message me or her and I will get back to you if your interested in having us. If interested in my current tank setup. I am running 2/2 Engine Guardian, 5 Pariah, and 5 Armor Master. Also Vampire. Been hella effective so far, cant wait for that update. Im also a master crafter, able to craft many styles and pretty much make food and pots for myself. I can do it all, but haven't reached 9 trait yet, mostly on 7 or 8 traits at this time. Currently at 278 skill points, still got plenty I can easily get.
    Edited by Alexandrious on February 28, 2016 5:32PM
  • Alexandrious
  • Garrulous
    A couple friends of mine and I are also looking for a PvE guild on EP. We are around level 30, so not as awesome as Alexandrious, but if anyone knows a good one please let me know. My in game name is @Garrulous
  • OnThaLoose
    I'm not a guild recruiter, but in the same position. My buddy and I need to get all content done: dailies, helm runs, etc. I'm a dps, he's a healer. If your interested, you two can team up with us two and we can get the pledges and helm runs knocked out. We're on most everyday, so if you're interested, hit me up @Onthaloose
  • Kalvarius
    Soul Shriven
    Hello. Our guild Souls of Fate is a new guild looking to increase our PvE ranks. I will try and contact you all in-game but feel free to visit our website at
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