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Hey everyone. Aero here. So, I've been inactive from ESO for a pretty long while now. Mainly because of my character being too weak to not being able to progress. And the fact that he is just weak makes me lose interest.

But I've decided to give it another go. But for that I need to make my character great again. And since I am a n00b, I cannot to it alone. Which is why I turn to you guys here. The pros I guess.

Anyways what I need help with is, your insight on wether or not he is weak or not, just me being over my head. Or if he is, and what to do about it. I want him to be as powerful as he can be, both for the level he is and for future levels. Also hoping if he could be opted for PVP play aswell.
Anyways here's the build:

Dark Elf, Nightblade, lvl V3

Lvl 50 Assassination:
Incapacitating Strike IV
Killers Blade IV
Ambush IV
Blur 0
Reapers Mark IV
Passive abilities: 2/2 Master Assassin
2/2 Executioner
2/2 Pressure Points
2/2 Hemorrhage

50 Shadow:
Shadowy Disguise IV
Surprise Attack IV
Rest is nothing
Passive Abilities:
2/2 Refreshing Shadows
Rest is nothing

33 Siphoning
Swallow Soul 2
Rest is nothing
Passive Abilities: Nothing

Dual Wield 50
Rending Slashes IV
Rapid Strikes IV
Whirlwind 1

Passive Abilities:
2/2 Slaughter
2/2 Dual Wield Expert
2/2 Controlled Fury
2/2 Ruffian
2/2 Twin Blade and Blunt

32 Bow:
Poison Injectiom 2
Scorched Earth 2
Magnum Shot 1
Rest nothing
Passive abilities:
1/2 Long shots
1/2 Accuracy
1/2 Ranger
Rest nothing
Heavy Armor lvl 50, but nothing. (I had heavy before but then respent points onto Medium)
Medium lvl 50 with everything maxed.
I do not have Evasion

Then I have Werewolf with all perks and skills maxed
And then there is just fighters guild with Intimidating Presence, 3/3 slayer and 1/3 Banish the Wicked
Dark Elf Skills
3/3 Dynamic
3/3 Resist Flame
0/3 Flame Talent
And then there is just Crafting skills.
I have a Axe with 846 dmg and 256 cold damage along with a dagger that does same amount of dmg and same amount of enchant damage but with flame instead.
Helmet: 1256 with 313 Maximum Magicka
Chest: 1340
Shoulders: 1172
Waist: 502
Hands: 670
Legs: 1172
Feet: 1172
All medium
There u have it. Tell me which abilities I should have, which weapons, gear, which one in slot. Secondary weapon and so on. Tell me everything you can say to improve this build so that I can reach my full potential in both PVE and PVP. I am of course willing to respec. Thanks in advance

  • leepalmer95
    Problem is with dual wield/bow you have no healing. A stamina builds healing comes from vigor (rank 5 pvp skill) and rally which is a 2h skill.

    I'd use rally until you get vigor. You can change either of your weapons for it.

    Also get ALL of your class passives, their important for a nb.

    You need to get sets for your armour, hundings is the best but it's 6 traits, google a list of craftable sets and pick a stamina one depending how many traits you have.

    Try and get your armour/weapons at your level and upgrade them to atleast blue.

    Go google a few stamina nb pvp builds, think sypher uploaded a 2h/bow one a while ago.
    PS4 EU DC

    Current CP : 756+

    I have every character level 50, both a magicka and stamina version.

    RIP my effort to get 5x v16 characters...
  • Aerotheairbender34
    I really like to keep Dual Wield tough. Isn't there any way to have dual wield and instead of bow something else? Or is the only choice with 2h/bow?
  • Volkodav
    I use a bow and dual wield.
    I run a Stamina NB,and no special builds and I level just fine.
    I have Teleport Strike slotted
    Along with:
    my syphon skills and the Assassin's skills.I never use the Shadow Skills.
    I use Scatter Shot and Poison s hot for my bow skills.
    I'm not talking about PvP though.If that is what you are talking about,I'm not able to help you there.
    PC/NA Beta tester
    January 2014

    (Oblivion is a playground,..Morrowind is home)
  • leepalmer95
    I really like to keep Dual Wield tough. Isn't there any way to have dual wield and instead of bow something else? Or is the only choice with 2h/bow?

    dual wield/2h is also fine. Your 2h bar will end up as your buff bar, rally/shuffle/vigor etc... There a few dual wield/2h builds around as well.
    PS4 EU DC

    Current CP : 756+

    I have every character level 50, both a magicka and stamina version.

    RIP my effort to get 5x v16 characters...
  • Yusuf
    Go magicka. You can keep dualwielding but your mainsource of damage also heals you.
    You could have a restoration or destructionstaff on your off-hand
  • Aerotheairbender34
    I'll check out some dw/2h builds. Mainly Sypher and Deltia since I've seen alot of 2h/dw from them.
    As for u Yusuf - mind giving me som builds for that? Thanks
  • nilldax
    To stay alive on battlefield, you need some healing. As Stamblades have it screwed up (Siphoning skill line is optimaly working with magicka spec) class heal skill tree - you're forced to rely on Vigor and/or Rally. Rally comes from 2h, meanwhile Vigor is unlocked by advancement in PvP ranks (and allows to pick any weapon setup).
    That was first of all.
    Now gear:
    Hundings Rage is most "vanilla" set out of all made for staminers. Gives nice boost to Weapon Damage and some critical strike chance. If you're lucky one - try running undaunted pledges (daily dungeons) to earn shoulder pieces (like popular Molag Kena). If not - 5xHundings and 4xNight Mother (or 3 with bow or 2h). There are possibilities of using Shield Breaker (IC set) or Morkuldin (Wrothgar specific) as main set. Even Twicebornstar is worth using (with 7 divines). Traits for major pieces (helmet, chest , legs) with infused, while other in divines or impenetrable, if critical damage is important for you (keep in mind that mobs do not crit). If you're going on maximal stats - use co called 5/1/1 ie. 5 medium, 1 heavy, 1 light pieces.
    Jewellery: Agility or cheaper Endurance (IC sers). There are no excuses... till next update, which brings some new PvP sets along with its own jewllery parts.
    Weapons: if DW - doubled weapons are "best" option; daggers for crtical chance, swords for moar raw power, maces for armor penetration or axes for bleeding. Its mostly up to you. Of course you can use mixed, but only in case when you're sure about which stat would you like to increase. Traits are like Precise, Sharpened or Weighted for faster animation canceling.
    ST focused NBs bread&butter are Cloak and Surprice Attack). Like mentioned by others - add skillpionts into class passives, they're important. Along basic two skills, worth using are: Fear (Manifestation of Terror needs some experience in usage), Mark Target - piercing versiin especialy effective as healing on kill, and other sneaky characters reveal (PvP), Ambush aka Spambush, Blur if youre going to gain dodge source of magicka, Grim Focus - Relentless (?) gives stamina regeneration, Summon Shades/Shadow Image - stamina "burners"/one way teleport, Death Stroke as ultimate (both morphs are great), Soul Tether for AoE ultimate or Consuming Darkness infplace of ultimate (damage mitigation + small team helper), in addition you can utilize Siphoning Attacks on low-regen build (keep in mind that this skill should be then 100% time up).
    Non class specific are Vigor (AvA), Shuffle, Expert Hunter, Caltrops, Silver Bolts, Maneuver (long duration speed boost)... umm... did i miss something?
    DW - notable Steel Tornado (huge AoE), Flying Blade (ranged dmg+snare) and Blade Cloak (speed boost+20% AoE dmg recieved reduction).
    2H - Wrecking Blow (explain not needed), Critical Rush, Executioner (finisher), Rally (self-heal).
    Bow - Venom Arrow (ranged interrupt), Volley (good AoE), Magnum/Draining Shot (disoient, range gain) Bombard ("best" AoE cone root), Snipe .
    S/b - Low Slash in replacement of Surprice Attack (due to snare), Defensive Stance (magic projectile reflect), Invasion, Reverting Bash (buggy atm).
    Mundus stone(s if in Twiceborn): Warrior, Serpent, Thief, Shadow, Tower (max stamina stacking) or Steed (not recommended unless you like to run really fast)

    Hope,that brings some light...
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