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Fragments of an Empire: Lion in the Mist

Written by: Imperial Scholar Aquirian Laticus.

Thus, one must understand the severity of madness which would consume any indivudal, when one assumes the role of the obedient soldier and is brought forth to discern the treacherous implications of betrayal against the Empire from within the Empire itself.

To most, if Akatosh provides the chance to be enlightened with such knowledge, history shall portray Meridius Archillius, the Legatus Solanus at the closing of the 1st Era, leader of the famed Lion Legion, as an ambitous fool, who forsook his oath to protect the Empire and sought to lay claim to the Ruby Throne for himself. This misconception is forged upon both a lack of understanding of the man himself and the distortion of the "truth" by Imperial propaganda of the time.

Surrounding the events which occurred during the Empire's fracturing, it is recognized that little historical evidence remains which can grant scholars a greater understanding. Indeed, most records which pertain to the period, originate principally from the journals and records of "first hand" accounts from the common Imperial soldiers. Chief amongst these was the account of Prodigor, the 22nd Regiment Dux of the Solanus legion, whose claims have been herald by Imperial scholars as an exemplary depictation of a true and "honorable" soldier, the followings are a few excerpts from his writtings:

"Mine knowledge of ye Emperor's death would not be made known till late morn, when messengers, charging with reckless abandonment arrived camp. Our Commander, he a man whom even in the face of death had never known to undo ye fierceness of his countenance, broke into tears and wept. I felt disgust at his reaction. Ye Emperor required no tears, but ye solidification of his realm.
"T'was that eve, whilst all within ye encampment sauntered to lull of mournful respect and slumber, that I noted a host of elusive folk, strangers cloaked in darknened and foreboding robes, enter within the confines of milord's encampment. I tarried not long with thought of what I had borne witness to, yet beseeching ye comfort in the thoughts of mine fellow companions, I abounded the encampment attempting to ascertain further information.
What foul forces was ye Commander commuting with and for what purpose? "

"Madness hath stricken milord! Madness! As such I barely contained myself as I witnessed in horrid disgust mine Commander consorting with deplorable ne'er-do-wells, yet now whispers are rampant of ye good Commander plotting against ye White Gold Tower - heart of ye Empire! I, not oft bestowed the fancy of dishonor, hesitated not a moment! I abandoned my post and made straight to Cyrodil to alert ye Protectores Augusti Nostri of what ill tidings engulfed milord."

From Prodigor, if one were to overlook discussing what attributes he displayed which were worthy of being the "examplary qualities for an Imperial" as suggested by court scholars, we are presented with a few passages briefly demonstrating facets of the elusive Lion general, Meridius Archillius: fierce combatant, a compassionate citizen, and a defiant force. Of interest, note the mention of a meeting between Meridius and several secreted individuals. Whom where these facilitators of fate? What words were uttered that would convince a loyal son to the sovereign rule to betray his oaths? What enlightenment did they bestow? Of this history will say little.
Yet, what can be derived is that due to this meeting it was that thereafter Meridius Archillius choose to act against the Empire upon the passing of the third eve since the Emperor's death.
Witnesses claim, Meridius stirred from his encampment, adorned in the golden regalia of a legatus, and came to present himself before the gathered host of his men. There, as the final strands of light diminished into the sacred darkness of night it was once quoted, "that he paced back and forth like a golden beast, a creature of utter strength bound to the mortal coil of man." That night he bestowed upon them an oration which must have emboldened these men to the point of frenzy! For they were willing, beneath Meridius Archillius's command, fight against the whole of the Empire.
In regards to what Meridius Archillius spoke, little of the oration remains, as the malleable scholars of the Imperial court at the time were tasked to remove Meridius's very existence from the annals of history. Yet, miracously this one excerpt remains.

To you reader, I request you read this with an open understanding. Here is not the words of a blantant traitor, but a man who was attempting to save a forsaken Empire:

"Alas ye hour of wolves tis upon us! Sunder thy pretenses of honour, sunder thy pretenses of valour, sunder thy pretenses of oath to thy Empire! Wolves hath stricken thy Emperor dead and within his abode they roam about his halls, thay sate thaer thirst upon his wine, thay engorge thaemselves upon his bounty, and even now conspire to claim thaemselves Emperor!
Brothers! Sisters! Kin not of mine fathers, yet bonded to mine in the forge of brotherhood thru the torment of steel and blood, I ask; when the hour of wolves tis upon us where are ye hounds which shall keep the wolves at bay? To which the gods shall reply, "Ye are the hounds!" And thus, I say unto ye, we are ye hounds!
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"And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
  • menedhyn
    Very well written! Passionate and stirring stuff.
    'Pure rains make sweet rivers'
  • Krist
    Very nicely done.
    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
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