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Share Your PvP UI [PC]

Have recently started playing with some new add-ons and trying new layouts to my UI and would be interested to how others have theirs arranged and why.

So if people are willing, please post some screenshots of your normal UI layouts, add-ons used and reasons/thoughts about it.
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  • Duiwel
    Great idea OP

    I would love to know the exact mods say Lefty Lucy ect. use

    As I would like to have my UI with less clutter (especially the giant VR16 and blue bar ect at the top left.

    Right now I have vanilla :( (with an out of date AUI that I never quite understood ) so that is disabled

    will def check in this thread again for this reason after I got my ideal one I will edit this post to just have the updated pic :smiley:
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