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Heavy armor stats

I've been trying for awhile now to make a full heavy armor build work in pvp, but Im always confused about what I should be concentrating on stat wise.

So I have a few questions about what I should prioritize:
should I go for higher resource pools or higher regen? Food or drink?

Is it important to be at the hard cap for resistance? Reason being is that I need 2 armor resist buffs from armor sets to be at 32-33k resistance when buffed(dont need to worry about spell resist as Im Breton). But those four peices in a defensive set( say like Alessia's Bulwark) could be replaced for something that increases stats and recovery(seducer's, magnus, Willows etc). Also is impen the way to go trait wise?

How much spell power should I have if Im magicka specced? I should hopefully have more damage with proxi det next patch but I don't have it yet. So If I invest nothing in spell power, Im wont really be able to kill anyone, even if they are playing poorly. The idea of "outlasting" an opponent hasn't really worked for me as light or medium armor builds just have much better sustain, and much better damage than I do. With that said, thats why I chose to use a nb tank to use Siphoning Attacks for added sustain so I could invest a little elsewhere.

How much health should I have in pvp? in pve a tank usually needs about 25k from my experience, so do I just need 30k(25k + battle spirit) or less? Im currently just shooting for 25k(20kish + battle spirit)

How much stamina should I have as a magicka spec? Ive found that having a larger stamina pool say 17-18k hasn't really helped my survivability since I cant block very long. Currently I almost completely ignore my max stamina pool( at about 13k with robust Willpower jewelry) and Ive had a bit more success to be honest, with more investment into my magicka pool.

I doubt there is some definitive answer out there, but Im hoping to here from the experiences of other people who've given a decent chance for heavy armor. Also it would be nice if you don't just tell me to wear light armor, I already have a setup for that and there are loads of builds online for that. However, there is not really that much out there build wise for heavy armor, so any feedback would help.

Stats(with gold food and battle spirit buff)
25k health
26.5k magicka
13k stam
1.7k unbuffed spellpower
1.5k mag recovery
900 health recovery
900 stam recovery
32k buffed spell resist
28k buffed armor

current setup( v15 purple gear)
5x black rose( more for the spell and weapon power buff not really the Constitution thing)
4x Magnus (max mag, mag recovery, spell power)
3x robust willpower(2 reduce spell cost, 1 spell power)
all impen traits on armor

This is by no means a perfect setup, and I dont have the gold for v16 gear but this is what I've got. I've also pretty much tried gold food just this week as I got 3 perfect roe from fishing(about 230 fish), but I like it so far... just a bit expensive to make based off my gold budget.
AD breton nb(pvp): Shadowshinobi
DC argonian magicka nb(pvp): Dominion Spy
EP argonian mag nb(pvp): peacemaker

Best Answers

  • ninjaguyman
    Thanks @phillyboy7897 for the tips and the video( yes, I watched it all), Ill definitely need to up my spell damage for my build. Also I see what you mean by dropping Black Rose because even though I use it for the 5 piece spell damage boost, the 2-4 piece set bonus is not all that helpful.

    As for resource generation, The only skill that compares to templar rune and repentance would be Proccing Siphoning Attacks and I would have to get my armor buff elsewhere(usually fear). I would argue that SA is pretty much just as effective this patch with caltrops, but Im taking it off my bar in anticipation of the changes for next patch(where SA doesnt proc off ground dots anymore). Unfortunately I don't have EG, but Ill need to invest time into grinding for that now I think.

    Also what do you use for healing? I saw in your video that you used puncturing sweeps, but do you use anything with it? As a nb a comparison would sort of be sap essence, then I use swallow soul for more hots and increased healing received. I don't really have a burst heal unless I have my ult up(soul tether). Ive tried set ups before with a resto back bar, but Im don't really like losing the defense of a shield.

    Lastly, to hit around where your max magicka pool is, are all your armor enchantments max magicka and all jewelry arcane? Also are all your jewelry enchanted with spell damage?

    Thanks again for the tips, Ill definitely need to invest more into the magician cp passive rather than Arcanist. However a possible problem might be that Im only at about 270cp right now
    AD breton nb(pvp): Shadowshinobi
    DC argonian magicka nb(pvp): Dominion Spy
    EP argonian mag nb(pvp): peacemaker
  • Hulk_VI
    I know u said not to say anything about light armour. But currently I'm 5light 2heavy on my mag DK and am still really tanking. Heavy isn't worth it till they buff the passives
  • Forestd16b14_ESO
    Wait till U10 to start thinking when HA is getting buffed cause as of now wearing HA in PvP just makes you a easy target trust me all that resistance and hard cap mitigation is only delaying death by like 10 seconds.
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