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Is anyone playing group dungeons properly??? XB1/NA/DC

I have played dungeons the last few weeks, with randoms on v16, and every single group skipped enemies and even bosses. It is seriously annoying me. Why would they all miss out on Gold, (rare) v16 material/weapon/armor, soul gems and xp? I don't get that. Just for the gold/silver key?! I can't be the only one who wants to kill all the enemies in a dungeon.
  • Nestor
    Pledges are all about the Keys. The groups I run pledges with usually do all the bosses and mobs, but not always.

    If you want to complete dungeons, then group with people who are not doing the Pledges or ask before you go and do the dungeons.
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  • oibam
    Because it's getting boring when you have to run the same dungeons again and again and you never loot Molag from chests. And the dungeons are way too easy.
  • wayfarerx
    Most dungeon PUGs are just there to get their undaunted key and then get on with other things. The XP for killing things in dungeons is pretty meh, and you can usually get more loot drops from killing a pack of mobs in IC or Wrothgar than from an optional dungeon boss. So when faced with the option of fighting an extra pack of mobs or a boss with a PUG, and possibly wiping or having someone in the group go all prima donna, it's a safer bet just to skip the optional stuff and push through towards the end.
    @wayfarerx - PC / North America / Aldmeri Dominion
  • PaperWings
    I know they just doing them for the key. The problem for me is, I'm a v16 healer with v14 armor because I can't get the amount of materials I need to make v16 armor. Killing things in Wrothgar takes forever, my damage output sucks. Dungeons would be perfect, i don't have to try to kill stuff, I just need to heal.

    Everytime I go for "random vet dungeon" in the group finder, I find the dungeon from the daily pledge. no one is doing dungeons.

    ...I just hate it when they leave half the dungeon still standing...
  • LadyNalcarya
    Dont know about Xbox community, but on pc people are usually helping with speedruns (that require killing all bosses)and stuff if asked. Especially when you're a healer or tank.
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