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Class Lore? (specifically Dragonknight)

Has any official lore been created concerning the classes? Specifically trying to learn more about the Dragonknight class. I found a few discussions through googling but they are very old and with no real conclusion.

If nothing official exists, what do you guys think about DKs? Do they have true dragon blood or nah?
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  • jarnkoldur
    This information, although from within the game was submitted to the The Imperial Library:

    Ardent Flame: Draconic or Endemic?

    Submitted by Pilaf The Defiler on Wed, 04/09/2014 - 03:00
    Online Research

    Author: Gabrielle Benele, Wizard
    Last night I was sitting in the Anchor's Point taproom, nursing a mug of rum posset while poring over Ralliballah's Eleven Ritual Forms, when suddenly my quiet corner was invaded by a tall, armored figure. I asked if he would stand somewhere else, as he was blocking the light, but he replied something to the effect that a handsome woman shouldn't be wasting a moons-lit evening on reading, set a frothy tankard on the table and sat down next to me.

    Before I could protest he launched into the story of his life, the subject of which—himself—he seemed very enthusiastic about. He was a product of the north-coast port town of Farrun, where he'd grown up with the conviction he was destined for bigger things. When he was old enough he'd left and made his way to central High Rock, where he'd fallen in with an old half-Akaviri arms-trainer who had taught him the ways of the so-called "dragonknights." It was then that he finally found his true calling perfecting the form of magical combat that the dragonknights refer to as "ardent flame."

    Blowhard or no, once he brought up the arcane arts he piqued my interest. I asked him to tell me more about this discipline of martial magic, as I was unfamiliar with it, and he was only too happy to oblige. With ardent flame, he explained, the dragonknight could set his enemies afire, draw them to him with a flaming lasso, wreath himself in a cloak of flame, even breathe fire just like the legendary dragons of yore. And this was, he asserted, because a dragonknight used actual dragon magic handed down from those mighty warriors who fought and won a war with the dragons back before the First Era.

    It was this last claim where he lost me. Did he really expect me, a Mages Guild sorcerer of the first rank, to believe that an unlearned lout like him was casting spells using on long-lost dragon magic? I held up a hand, rather peremptorily, and to my surprise (and perhaps his own) he actually stopped talking. I told him I'd heard quite enough about his dragon magic, thank you very much, and that as far as I was concerned it was no more than a variant of our standard repertoire of flame spells, what the Shad Astula curriculum categorizes as "Destruction Magic." I desired him to withdraw and allow me to return to my reading.

    He sputtered for a moment, but then gave a condescending smile and said there was no need for the "little lady" to be afraid, as a dragon could be gentle as well as fierce. Perhaps I didn't understand just how ardent his flame could be.

    I warned him to be on his way, but he scoffed and persisted. It was when he offered to show me his "lava whip" that I finally lost all patience. It's a shame, because the proprietor of the Anchor's Point told me I would no longer be welcome there, and I liked that place.

    I suppose I could have shown more forbearance, but everyone has a limit—and besides, what's the big deal? Scalp and beard hair always grows back eventually, even when it's been scorched off.
    "And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
  • xerasia
    Fabulous! Thank you. So the DK says it's actual dragon magic, the mage insists that it's a variation of flame one really knows for sure I guess.

    Those last two paragraphs slay me. he wanted to show her his lava whip. huehuehue

    Xerasia - Bosmer Magicka Templar | NA EP
    Galasha - Orc Stamina Dragonknight | NA EP
    Haileigha - Altmer Magicka Sorcerer | NA EP
    Zaxaria - lvl 21 Argonian I don't even know what to do with this one Nightblade | NA EP
  • Sarkaeth
    Soul Shriven
    I have 2 characters I roleplay as, one is a Telvanni fire mage who tried to harness the power of dragons and one is his Imperial former disciple/servant. Their home was sacked by Akaviri invaders so now the Firemage is searching for ways to acieve his former glory and the Imperial uses his little known magic to carve his own path to power through bodies of enemies etc
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Here's a little more for you: Mythical Beast, Real Powers. Basically Dragon Knights use the Thu'um, they just don't come out and call it that. They're like the Graybeards WOULD be if they decided to pursue combat instead of pure reverance for the gods. The fun part is, this sort of thing was referenced waaay back in Morrowind!
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    A useful explanation for how RNG works
  • Jaemeson_Foster
    The Tales of Tamriel lorebook states that those who learn the martial arts and teachings of the akaviri go on to become dragon knights.

    Dragon knights are simply knights who specialize in Akaviri martial arts.
  • The_4O4
    Here are a few lore books on the subject

    The first one describes their history, And the second describes how their magic works.
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