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I have recently created a community on the PS4 dedicated to Roleplaying within ESO. I am in the hopes that this shall be a platform from which players can connect to other players and bring some much needed roleplaying within ESO (PS4 edition).
Please join if you are interested.

Elder Scrolls Online Roleplaying Community.
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  • Eirikir
    Can I join? I'm more in the gameplay side right now as I level, but I'm pretty sure with the promised console chatbox the RP community will grow. I don't mind voice rp but I know alot for who's its a dealbreaker.
    Server: PS4-NA
    PSN: Eirikir
    Name: Eirikir "Erik" Kololf
    Alliance: Ebonheart Pact
    Race: Nord (Lycanthrope)
    Class: Dragonknight (Range DPS)
    Playstyle: Crafter, PVE, PVP, Roleplayer
  • jarnkoldur
    Greets Eirikir, by all means are you welcome to join! Welcome, welcome, by Akatosh's beard welcome!

    And if you are interested in joining an RP guild we are currently recruiting for Order of Vagrant Hounds a PS4 NA RP guild:
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    "And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
  • Serjustin19
    This I must admit is a good idea I must say. :smiley: However I wish there was one for ps4 EU server to. :blush: I can't wait until the console chatbox comes out. Again thank you for this good idea you have. :smiley:
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  • jarnkoldur
    Serjustwhy - clever name by the way- I thank you for your kind words, yet I don't acknowledge the fact that it didn't exist when I first journeyed into Tamriel as a deterrent, rather as a reason for a purpose. I would suggest to you -if you, or anyone really, so should have the desire- to create one for the EU server and in that fashion perhaps you will be able to locate and establish a community of RPers.

    If you do take this undertaking I can only hope the best for you and may the eight ever be generous to your cause.
    "And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
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