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RP EU Xbox One and RP in general.

With the launch of text based chat on consoles this march, I was wondering if there is any RP presence at all with consoles? And if there isn´t, anyone know sites where you can roleplay in the Elder Scrolls universe? Thanks.

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Xbox One EU
  • jarnkoldur
    Greetings Swundead,
    I won't lie; RP is rather difficult to come by upon the consoles at this moment, given that voice chat does incur a bit of an obstacle for most people. I have been relentlessly attempting to initiate an RP community in the PS4 NA server since I purchased the game earlier this month (February aka Sun's Dawn).
    My suggestion: As was mentioned by several individuals "if you want RP, YOU have to make it happen." Which, in short, entails you having to strive for the RP; you need to go out there and start announcing your desire to start RPing within your server, create a guild if necessary and be the beacon to bring people together, and most importantly be active and accessible so like minded individuals can reach you if they share tour similar desire.

    Here is a link to TESO RP which you can locate others interested in RPing on ESO across the various platforms as well as play-by-post:

    Good luck to you sir and may the eight be kind to you.
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  • Mickey_Ox
    Swundead wrote: »
    With the launch of text based chat on consoles this march

    Text chat is NOT coming to consoles in march, its scrolling combat text (damage done/received etc) we will be getting then. The text chat you referring to is due this year (hopefully q2 or q3) but no date is known.
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