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Clan Snow-Song (Nord Roleplay!)


"Nords. Some think of us as axe wielding brutes that sail on imposing longships and conquer anything that gets in their way. Some think of us as mead swilling barbarians that never pass on a brawl and always use ill judgment in picking their fights. While it is true that we revel in battle and we enjoy our mead... we are so much more. To be a Nord is to be of Atmora, is to a Man.

To be a Nord is to revel in our history, savor our present, and look to the future." - Jorn Axebreaker

Clan Snow-Song is a brand new Heavy Roleplay Guild here on ESO with the goal of providing an immersive and dynamic storytelling experience within the Skyrim Community and the overall Roleplay Community while enjoying everything that this game has to offer. Certain guilds in the RP Community have catered to Dunmer, or Bretons, or Khajiit, but while there are some absolutely outstanding Nordic themed guilds out there, we wanted to provide an entirely Nord focused clan. That does not mean we will only RP with each other or just other Nords, but the story and clan structure is by Nords and for Nords!

The kind of experience we hope to offer is a more traditional look at the Nords - mixed in with a more intense focus on lore, legend, Nordic culture, traditions, and Skyrim holidays and feast days. Bardic and Skaldic traditions will certainly factor in as well! We also hope to build a synergy with the rest of the Skyrim community, whether that includes alliances with other Nordic themed groups, make enemies with local thieves, or organize a Cyrodil raiding party with the rest of the Skyrim community!


Clan Snow-Forge has existed in Skyrim, though its name likely bears little recognition. A long time ago at an uncertain time, a Nord named Folkvar Snow-Forge fathered many sons, and their sons gave birth to many sons and daughters themselves. One such off spring was Valbrandr - a proud skald and singer of Nordic verse, saga, and tradition. Valbrandr earned the name Snow-Forge and from there the clan splintered off, fostering a long line of skalds. The clan was always known for either inspiring warriors behind a shield wall... or frightening their enemies. Eventually however the name faded, but the blood didn't.

Jorn Axebreaker has traced his lineage to this line, and has now embarked on a quest to restore the clan's name and place in history, while forging a new saga about the Snow-Song.... while honoring Skyrim and all Nords in the process.


The Roleplay of this guild will be dynamic, evolving constantly. Our roleplay will be carried out through multiple means, all treated equally.

  • Random Roleplay at any given time. We don't want our RP - whether that is with each other or with the community - to be all planned. At any time members of the clan may announce themselves to be congregating at a certain place in order to start some pick up roleplay with the citizens of Skrim and the Pact!

  • Planned Nord festivals and events! These events will happen fairly frequently - and may range from Skaldic based events (as I had planned to do anyway ) to competitions of strength, to solemn moments of reflection - or as solemn as a Nord can be!

  • Community and Guild Based Storylines! These will be more long term as the clan develops. Often times these events will tie into our clan saga, yet the saga will unfold for the entertainment of the community! Stay tuned for our first story, coming soon as the Thieves Guild Approaches! These events will often tie into game updates!

  • RP-PVP in Cyrodil! Oh yes, you can expect this!



What is Clan Snow-Song on an OOC Level?

Since my time in Age of Conan ended, I have often tried - to some or no success - to try and recapture the magic of Clan Elkhorn. In the Secret World, the Hearthsworn Foundation Cabal was an attempt to be the spiritual successor, but it fell very short. Later on the Gladius Crucis guild fell the same way. In ESO, Mor'Grumaar and then another attempt at Orsimer RP DC side also fell short of expectations - partly due to RL schedule conflict, but also a shortage of interest from outside parties.

Clan Snow-Song is the true successor to Clan Elkhorn. A Heavy Roleplay Guild with a very strong cultural influence. Just as Elkhorn was meant to be a bastion of Cimmerian Roleplay in AoC, Snowforge is designed to be a standard bearer for Nordic roleplay. We are *not* aiming to replace any guilds in Skyrim, but rather work in unison with them.

Who leads Clan Snow-Song?

Jorn Axebreaker has been in search of ancient relics and Nordic artifacts for both personal reasons as well as ones for the ambitions of a storyteller to the masses. While on a journey in Western Skyrim, Jorn investigated a broken into barrow and discovered the tombs of Clan Snow-Song. After he hunted down the barrow thieves, he looked into the clan's history, recalling some lore his mother had told him growing up.

Since then, Jorn has been obsessed with learning this new connection to his history, and while he embraces the name Axebreaker, he has taken to his other name - the name of his mother - Snow-Song. He does not wear the name, yet sings of their traditions and their songs - in the hope that those long lost descendants of Clan Snow-Song return.

Do you have to be a skald or a bard to join Clan Snow-Song?

Absolutely not. The Clan however does have an emphasis on tradition and lore. That is to say, those of the clan are not necessarily going to be typical raging Nords thirsting for battle. While warriors and their ilk will certainly be a huge factor within the clan, much of the emphasis is on Nordic myth. Nord passions run deep, and Clan Snow-Song is nothing is not passionate about their history, their deeds, and their glory.

Skalds and bards do have a special place on the Clan hierarchy however.

Do you have to be a Nord to join Clan Snow-Song?

You have to be a Nord to actually be considered kin, yes. This is a Nordic Clan and the intent is to make this for Nords and by Nords. There are many guilds in the Children of Skyrim Community that allow non Nords to join freely. This is not one of them. That does not mean we hate non Nord players, or non Nords ICly - Clan Snow-Song has historically been accepting of the other races, particularly the other races of Man as well as the beast races - they do not accept them into their ranks.

Do you have to play as a blooded member of the clan?

Nope! As it so happens, Clan Snow-Song is not a clan that is about blood so much as tradition. While the bloodline is a fun aspect, it is *not* necessary to be blooded to be a member. Some may join the clan because of the brotherhood of Nords and the same passion and drive for the culture and traditions.

If however, you want to be a blooded member, you are welcome to do so, and we'll collaborate to figure out the history of the clan!

All new updates to the clan will eventually go here! If you wish to join us, contact @Rykoth in game or go to!
Gorthal gro-Gunthak, Chieftain of Mor'Grumaar
Sigrun Elkhorn, Nordic Warrior and Skald

Mor'Grumaar - Orcish Stronghold Roleplay
  • Rykoth
    Our numbers are growing! Come fellow countrymen and women of Skyrim and be a part of the Snow-Song!
    Gorthal gro-Gunthak, Chieftain of Mor'Grumaar
    Sigrun Elkhorn, Nordic Warrior and Skald

    Mor'Grumaar - Orcish Stronghold Roleplay
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