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Is there any addon that shows me whether the creature is, for example daedric or undead?

topic :blush:
  • Rosveen
    Can't you tell by its name? It's usually pretty obvious.
  • Nirnroot
    usually but not always
  • Shunravi
    I havent honestly looked... But if it shows up like a buff, Srendarr may do it.
    This one has an eloquent and well thought out response to tha... Ooh sweetroll!
  • Leandor
    There's an ability that does it. Evil Hunter.
  • Ayantir
    Maybe AUI or that kind of things, it's easily doable with GetUnitRace("reticle").
    But writing an addon for only this, you should ask as a feature of an existing addon. It will be quicker.
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  • Alucardo
    As Leandor said, use the Evil Hunter ability. You'll get it at rank 6 in the Fighters Guild skill line. As long as it's on your current bar, undead and daedra will actually have an aura around them so they are easy to spot.
    This works in PVE and also in PVP on Vampire players, even if they are wearing costumes.
  • Duiwel
    Do Dolmens most of the creatures spawning there are Daedra but OP here is a list in layman's terms of things I can think of real quick :

    Most daedric creatures have a grey purple hue to their skin...

    Banekin - small weak creature
    Scamp - little firebolt caster elf-like monster
    Clanfear - looks like a dinosaur
    Winged Twilight - a little pixy fairy like monster that casts nasty spells
    Flame atronach - hovering blue fire lady ( sometimes they are also red but I believe these are not associated with daedra)
    Storm atronach - giant stone creature that commands lightning
    Frost atronach - giant icicle with arms and legs
    Flesh atronach - giant zombie construct looks like an abomination and deformed hunchback of Notre Dam.
    Daedroth - Giant walking crocodile like monster that goes to the gym a lot, due to heavy weight lifting it can breathe fire.
    Spider Daedra - a "minotaur" like creature but instead of half man half bull it's half woman half spider, she does not belong in the kitchen, she might kill you in there!
    Orgrim - Big guy who eats too much McDonalds / Burger King ( they can stampede so avoid that red line )
    Harvester - a Snake woman like creature (they are a pain because they summon orbs that heal her when they reach her)
    Watcher - probably the biggest of all the monsters they are a big eye with tentacles that shoot green lazer beams that would make Dr Evil proud.

    (if you do the main story line, eventually you will get to see Daedric titans as well in Cold Harbour. They are dragon like creatures which I would love to have as a mount )

    (There is also an air atronach but I have only seen it in Craglorn so ignore that one from this list)

    Then you get soldier type Daedra, the most common are:
    Dark Seducers ( you get this costume @ I think VR6, it looks really cool on females)

    If you want to level up fighters guild fast you can grind under mobs in grinding spots or just do a bunch of Dolmens.

    If you want the slayer achievement I suggest dolmens because they spawn a bunch of different mobs, as opposed to going to a zone and grinding a specific mob.

    Just google the names I posted to see what they look like OP, sorry my reply is a bit late ( I didn't actually see your post before ).

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