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[PS4 NA] [AD] Looking for 2 more people to do main quests in Craglorn

Hello fellow adventurers,

My husband and I are trying to complete the Craglorn main storyline quests, and since there are 2 quests that require us to be in groups of 4, we haven't been able to do that.

I am a VR16 Sorc Tank and my husband is a VR14 NB Stam DPS in AD. We are currently stuck on the quests "Elemental Army" and "The Corrupted Stone" because we don't have two more players. The two of us have been able to complete "The Shattered and the Lost" when we were VR11 and VR12 just the two of us, but if anyone would like to do that again, we would run the delves again (if the game lets us do that).

We like the story in the game, so we would prefer two other people who would like to listen to the dialogues rather than skip them as this is our first time doing this zone.

We are not looking for max-ed out players, as we saw that it was possible to do the content the two of us, so if you'd like to complete the quests and get the shiny achievement this weekend, please message me on PSN and we could see whether we could set up a time. My PSN ID is PotemaSeptim.

We are also game if anyone would like to do any daily quests or other quests that require 4-person content (I just want Sara Benele to stop chasing me with her portals appearing everywhere!).

Thanks for reading and happy adventuring!
  • potemathewolfqueen
    We are now 3 people, and need one more. If you're interested, please message me on PSN. My ID is PotemaSeptim.

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