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eidetic memory books

does anyone know and add on or anything that gives the locations to all of these book?? (not the mage guild and skill ones)
  • Ayantir
    There is no addon for this. It's in my todolist for Lorebooks.
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  • BlackEar
    There is currently no efficient method.
    The best to do while waiting is using esohead and their book database. it is outdated and only contain a fraction of the locations but it can get you started.
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  • Mix
    No addon that I know of, I also am trying to find them all, but I think many are still buggy.

    For instance in Wrothgar Writings I am missing 7 and I am pretty sure they were read as part of a quest chain, but for some reason they aren't registering:(

    I started making a list on a baby alt of all the books I found (and the coordinates) as I went but she hasn't gotten very far yet, that way I could fill in my main's eidetic memory when I found the ones I was missing.

    I am at 2250/2632, so many to find still.

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