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Question about nightblades

Hello all, I've actually been on deployment for the last 7 months, so I've been out of touch. Before I left I had started working on a stamina based nightblade using mostly 2h and bow. I read through the patch notes since July, and didn't see any huge changes class wise. Are things pretty much the same? I honestly never liked using a 2h weapon, but felt like the heal from rally was too good to pass up.

I guess my real question is are magicka nb's still kind of gimp for pve use, and is 2h (rally) still the only source of healing via stamina based weaponry? And are there any huge changes to NB i missed?
  • Magdalina
    Hm, unfortunately I don't do NBs nor stamina so I'm like worst choice possible but I'll try to answer what I can XD

    As far as I know NBs are in a really, really good place right now. Wonderful dps with crazy offheals, great tanks, great healers. Magicka NB dps is crazy good and those nom nom. They're also really good for PvP, especially if you like the sneaky style(*cough* cloak *cough*).
    Stamina NBs also seem very good in both PvE and PvP. If you're looking for stamina based heal, you could look into Vigor from Alliance tree, I see a lot of people(read:almost every single stamina build out there) using it.

    I'm afraid I can't say much else on the topic but hope this helps some :)
  • leepalmer95
    Well vigor got dropped to assault 5 in pvp now so it's quite accessable, it's such a great heal for stamina classes.

    Not much has changed for stam nb's they have been buffed more than anything and their currently the strongest class in pvp at the moment.
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  • Volkodav
    My NB uses a bow and dual wielded swords. Works great,and I kick butt. :)
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