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Character Sheet vs Reality Weirdness

Something is really bizarre with the character sheets and it is difficult to explain. The weapon damage changes on my sheet in odd ways that I cannot make sense of. Below is just one scenario. It's almost like the damage changes depending on the order I equipment/remove items. There is just no consistency.

5 pc. Hundings; 3 Piece Night Silence (including 2H Weapon). Since I didn't have the 2 rings before today I use an Agility (gold) 1H mace/Shield- (purple)

The numbers below are shown with my 2H Night Silence Maul equipped so a base of 5 Piece Hundings, 3 piece NS. Removed the Agility 1H mace and Shield to remove as many variables as I could.

Scenario 1: (3) Piece Agility Set equipped.
Ring 1: 174 Weapon Dmg
Ring 2: 157 Stam Rec
Necklace: 157 Stam Recovery
Added up this should add +360 weapon damage
Total Weapon Damage (unbuffed) 2498

Scenario 2: (2) Piece Agility (Neck and Ring) + 1 Piece Endurance
Ring 1: Agility w/174 weapon Damage
Ring 2: Endurance w/160 weapon Damage
Necklace: Agility w/157 Stam recovery
Added up this should add +334 weapon damage
However, my char sheet shows Weapon Damage of 2677

For the life of me I cannot account for the added 179 Weapon Damage when I use 2 piece Agility and 1 piece Endurance. Kind of frustrating when I spend all that gold on Agility rings!

Things just get weird when I unequip the weapons or jewelry then reequip and all the sudden I get totally different numbers than above (varies from 2200 dmg to 2800 dmg). Just so weird and frustrating. Am I missing something? This is all outside of Cyrodil so no battle buff type things going on either.

Please help!
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  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    Two things I have noticed about the character sheet.

    1. It can lag in showing all the changes that gear makes. This is also exacerbated by Weapon swap issues. I now wait a few minutes or look after a mob battle. Not sure if the fight does anything as it is probably the time passed.

    2. The character sheet does not seem to show all the effects on your stats.

    So, the best way to test is to find a Mammoth or other mob that has high health and easy mechanics and test your Damage that way.
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  • Purdomination33
    Thank you for the reply. I am on Xbox One so damage testing is difficult to perform. I will keep the setups equipped for a few minutes to see if there are any changes. Change zones and whatnot.

    Mediocre AD StamDK.
    BiS wine drinker.
    Award winning dog owner.
    Disappointing husband.
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