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Better artist than myself needed

Hey guys, I need some help. Can (and will) anyone make a graphic for me that says, "I dismount for columbine" with a picture of columbine as in the game? it could have the little label, "COLUMBINE E COLLECT" like what pops up when you mouse over the flower.

This is my idea for my boyfriend for our anniversary, just as something fun, because we mainly harvest for crafting these days. I want to order a tshirt with this on it for him, but what I came up with is pretty sad looking.

Just wondered if anyone here would have a go at it for me? for fun?
  • Alina_Scarbridge
    Nevermind, I did it myself. Still looks kinda silly, but he will get a laugh from it if nothing else.
  • Plintkabouter
    fun idea, can't help you though ^^
    Plint was here!
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