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Restoring/Radiant Aura no longer effects non-grouped allies?

Soul Shriven
So I'm a new player who recently invested in Radiant Aura on my templar mainly to run support while learning the ropes in Cyrodiil... But I just saw in the PS4 patch notes that this skill has been changed to effect only players I am grouped with.

I chose that morph for a sizeable aoe buff that allowed me to immediately help any gathering of players I came across; now that it's group-only I am understandably regretting the morph choice.

My question is, why do you think this change came about? Was unchecked restoring/radiant aura buffing a real problem in Cyrodiil? And does the other morph, repentance, have the same group-only limitation? Because if not I'll switch right away.

Thanks for reading.
  • Alabyn
    I'm interested in an informed reply! I run Repentance on the assumption it assists non-grouped players.

    I disfavored Radiant Aura as I didn't think the regen of Major Fortitude and Major Endurance stacked with the ubiquitous tri-pots players gulp. I figured I was just wasting a slot as most players had it covered by potions. I'd love to be wrong...
  • Johngo0036
    This change was made to address the lag in cyrodiil,

    Reason being if it only applies to you and your group then only they need to be taken into account when doing the calculations in the code..

    If the change was not made it applies to all within range and that could be applied to multiple zergs..

    Hope this makes sense..
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  • AJ_1988
    And pretty much is what they are saying is screw Templars we will nerf your skills again! Not anyone else's.
  • AJ_1988
    Also on the note how many people actually use it. What about all the spamming of rapid regen? nearly every player does it. There's surely a lag cause. What about healing springs? Impulse? Proxy det? The list goes on. I for one am sick of Templars skills being singled out.
  • 9kcrits
    Soul Shriven
    Johngo0036 wrote: »
    This change was made to address the lag

    That's valid for sure, and the change doesn't trivialize the skill completely, but it makes an already questionably useful morph even worse.

    I mean, the only reason I chose it was utility. I could buff anyone at any time, corpses or no, within a certain radius. Now I'd pretty much only run it in dungeons or guild zergs. Unless I get a beast of a group together that 18m radius is going to waste.

    Whereas repentance is instant, costs nothing, and may even not suffer from the same group-only limitation.
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