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Fix Crashsinium or Move Writ Locations

I can't even handle having to go to this city to hand in writs anymore..

Already you can't use the clothing station because it crashes and you get caught into a crash-cycle. I have to go to other cities to craft the writs. Sometimes it crashes when you hand in the writs. Then there are the random load screens, usually when crossing the bridge in the center. Now, it just crashes randomly when walking down the street! I even stopped sprinting on my horse to try to let everything load but NO.. today it crashes again as I approach the wayshrine.

I was disappointed there was no fix for this in the Patch this week. So, PLEASE just move the damn writ location!
  • Rossphi
    +1 I have to do writs in other cities just to avoid wrothgar. When I go to turn them it always crashes at least once.
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