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Seeing Pink and Purple

I apologize if this has been posted by other users, but the last couple days I have logged to see some parts to be decorated in pink/black stripe or pink/black/purple. I have logged out and log in to correct the issue, but should I be concerned with my ESO account becoming corrupt?
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    I have also noticed this. Yesterday all the chicken coops were pink with black stripes.
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  • BlackguardBob
    Yep, I saw this in Wrothgar the other day. It was mostly confined to rock at the edges of the game border or city borders.
  • illusionistik
    This has happened to be multiple times as well. I believe only in Wrothgar. If I logout and log back in it usually seems to fix it.
  • lycanslerwb17_ESO
    Im getting this as well in wrothgar. I also find when i teleport into wrothgar, the game shuts down whenever i gegin to move. Please advise.
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