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Werewolf looking for casual RP guild

Soul Shriven
My main is a newly-turned werewolf and I'm looking for an RP guild to join, preferably one with other werewolves. I have RP'ed on other platforms and mediums, but never on an MMO so I'd like to start out with a casual RP guild to get my feet wet. Let me know if you're recruiting and I will see you in-game!
Letti - Redguard Dragonknight / Werewolf
  • Sophist420
    I run the werewolf guild Legion of Hircine. We would love to have you in our pack, we do light RP and we are slowly getting weekly events a regular thing. We are looking for devoted players to help our guild grow.
    Message me in game at @Sophist420 and we can go from there if you are at all interested
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