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Official Discussion Thread for "Crown Store Showcase: January 5th, 2016"

  • Sixthly
    found1779 wrote: »
    Is there such thing as khajiit hero armor this one feels left out :(

  • James-Wayne
    Volkodav wrote: »
    Praeficere wrote: »
    Didn't it orginally say both the Bear-Dog and goat would be released on the 7th? Or was that my imagination...


    It wasn't your imagination. We mistakenly posted the incorrect date for the Bear-Dog when the article was first published. In addition, we recently identified a visual issue with the Nord costume that needs to be fixed before it becomes available, and updated that date as well.

    The new date for both the Nord Hero Armor and Markarth Bear-Dog is January 28th. Apologies for the confusion!

    What about the Breton Hero archer costume? Will it ever really be in the crowns store as promised. :}

    If they released Daggerfall Hero first no one would ever buy the other two... fact! :)

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