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Can't login to the NA server

So I've been trying to login to the NA ESO server for an hour now with no luck. At the start screen I'll press "A". I will then get to the server select screen. I choose the NA server and press "Play". The symbol will spin for 3 to 10 seconds and then kick me to the start screen again wit the message "Login Failed. Connection to the server timed out. Please try again later." I've signed out of my profile and back in. No good. I restarted the game. No good. I've hard reset the console a few times. No good. I tried other games and Netflix. Worked fine. Absolutely no lag. I even tried logging into the European server. It logged me on almost immediately. So this is clearly the NA server just being a *** to me. Is anyone else having this problem? Or do you know a trick to fix it? Please let me know so we can either wallow in our pain together / get me back into the game. Thanks in advance!!
  • rufro98
    Soul Shriven
    Been doing that to me all day did every reset possible with no results
  • MasterGohan
    I figured I'd give it some time so I left it until now. Still won't let me in. This is ridiculous.
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