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[Sorcerer Summoning Tree Bugs] Dismounting and Missing Passive Bonus

Hi there, recently I've started encountering two problems with the daedric summoning tree, both of which cause problems with trying to run my current build.

The first and most troubling problem:

Recently, out of the blue, equiping Bound Armaments on a single bar and weapon flipping off that bar causes my character to dismount. This is normal when BA is turned on, but this is happening even when my character's BA is not turned on. This only recently started happening.

The second problem which is not as troubling but limits my build options:

Equiping Twilight Matriarch on my skill bar as the only summoning skill does not grant the passive 20% health/stamina regen bonus as it should. This means I can't use this ability as an option for my current sorcerer build because those regen bonuses are critical.

I have tested the following solutions:
-Repairing my client
-Removing the addons folder
-Removing the bound armaments from my bar (confirmed this does fix the BA problem)

If someone knows how to resolve these issues please let me know.
Edited by Cathexis on December 31, 2015 10:11PM
  • blur
    Confirmed for me as well (BA).
    Not sure if this bug works outside of Cyrodiil but it happens to me in Cyrodiil all the time with Bound Armaments.
  • Cathexis
    Bump for attention!
  • ZOS_MollyH
    Hey folks,

    Currently we don't have any updates regarding weapon swapping while Bound Armaments is slotted causing dismounting, but it has been reported and our developers are aware that it is occurring.

    @Cathexis - can you please post a screenshot of the passive buff you should be receiving and what you're actually receiving? We're having some difficulty narrowing this one down. Thanks!
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