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Xbox One disconnect constantly this weekend. 1/8

Soul Shriven
Every 5-8 minutes I lag out and get dropped to the start screen. it states "Unable to connect to server. Please make sure you have a valid internet connection" I tested my internet (100mg up/down) its perfect, I tested the Xbox connectivity it says its great. Is this happening to other people also? Any ideas on what I could cause this? Thanks in advance!
  • Alaani87
    Soul Shriven
    I'm having the same issue. All weekend long. It's highly frustrating. My connection is also great and yet, I get a good 5min (if even) into the game and I lag out in the middle of combat. You can only imagine how irratating that is, especially in a group delve. In the middle of a dungeon swarm. It also causes high packet loss. After I lag out the packet loss is high. Before I start the game I make sure everything is square (and it is) PL is nill. After however, it's usually 35%. I just want to enjoy this game and I can't anymore.
    Edited by Alaani87 on January 10, 2016 5:34PM
  • Snoopsy
    Same problem over here.
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