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Have Lost Basic Abilities Like Healing Since Starting "The Veiled Choice"

Since beginning the second stage of "The Veiled Choice," a significant number of my character's basic abilities have been disabled. It is extremely frustrating, and all combat is now nearly 100% lethal because of it.

I have no idea why, but the following abilities have been severely impaired or disabled:

- Disguises have no effect and disappear from my inventory after being activated.

- Healing has been completely disabled. Attempting to use a healing consumable produces "disabled option" gamesound and produces no effect.

- Magicka Recovery has been disabled during combat

This has been going on for over an hour, and has resulted in many deaths. I can't figure out what went wrong or how to fix it. There are no "active effects" showing under the character tab that would explain any of it. No in-game messages have given any indication of what is happening.
  • Jeremiah12LGeek
    I piggy-backed on another player's runthrough to get out of the area, which seemed to resolve some of the disabled abilities. Magicka recovers normally during combat now, although I still can't use healing items, and I won't know whether disguises work normally until I have an opportunity to test it.
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