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No access code emails

Making a new thread in the PC section just in case. New computer, new install of ESO, unable to login access code is not being emailed out (attempted multiple times over 1.5 hours). Unable to create a support ticket since new browser and again access code required and no email received. If the mods can put through a support ticket on my behalf or provide the elixir of access codes it would be appreciated. If a goat sacrifice is required then it shall be done!
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  • Wonk0
    Soul Shriven
    Similar Problem here, although with a totally new installation (never played since Beta). Seems to me, a lot of people are experiencing this Error, as there are several threads on the topic (e.g. and in the GER section as well).
  • DDBatDog_ESO
    I am having the same problem. I have tried to get an access code for 2 days and do not get an e-mail.

    I got to play beta, and now i have the unlimited physical copy.

    Whats frustrating is that you need to log on to get help, but need the access code to log on.
  • juttaa77b16_ESO
    I have the same problem here. I only removed my 2nd graphic card, and updated the driver. The game said I needed a code when I attempted logon. The code was never sent to me. I checked the spam folder and nothing. The address they have for my account is correct, because I just got a mail from the forum and I went to my account and looked to make sure. Yet the mail with the access code never comes. You'd think. They would make sure this stuff works. As a subscriber, I feel doubly cheated.:(
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