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Nord Dragonknight

So I started a Nord Dragonknight to run through the lower levels again and gain more experience playing the game. I have a 20ish Templar that I've decided to take a break from.

I can see from the get go that DKs are pretty much tanks, and Nords seem to do well in this regard. I just don't know what I should aim for and what I need to learn. Seems a lot of builds go full stamina, is this still the case. S&S seems to be the only way to get "taunts." Other than that, I'm kind of lost.
  • RapturousRex
    PVP or PvE?

    Undaunted also has a taunt, don't know if it's good though.

    I run a hybrid, does alright in Dungeons and PVE, PVP depends who I come up against.
  • Breidr
    PvE mostly. I may venture into Cyrodil, but it will not be a focus.
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