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DragonKnight 1v1 Fight Help vs Nightblades

Looking for advice on how to win a 1v1 style fight against a Nightblade. I just never seem to do enough damage quickly enough nor have enough Stamina to win the fight.

Currently I am a V16 Stamina DK w/roughly 220 champion points. I run 5 medium Hundings, 2 heavy Allesia (for stam regin) or 3x Knight Mother. Majority of the time I run with a 1H and Sword/Shield. All my points are in Stamina w/mostly Stamina glyphs. In Cyrodil, with drinks my Health and Stamina are around 24k. Weapon damage (buffed) is 3k on 1H and 2.7ish on Sword and shield.

Trying so hard to get my Assault line up so I can finally have a self heal! Takes for freaking ever though.

What makes Nightblades so difficult is the fact they can immediately dictate the sequence of events. Just like in basketball the team that dictates the pace has the best chance of winning. Even if I know they are there I waste so much Magicka and Stamina just spamming AoE to find them. They move 3x quicker than my DK I simply cannot hit them. Basically they can stay in the fight long enough until my Stamina is gone and then it's the ole "Fear/Ambush/Ambush/Killing Blade/dead"

1. What is the best AoE choice for DK's to keep a Nightblade out of cloak?
2. CC such as talons and petrify work only from time to time. Nightblades tend to break out quicker than I can hit them with a skill. Any other CC's out there?
3. Nightblades move so quickly how are you supposed to actually hit them? I can hit them on occasion but its not exactly a killing blow.
4. LAG is so bad that I literally cannot use Wrecking Blow. From the time you press the skill button to when the character reacts is literally 3-4 seconds. By that time the Nightblade has hit you with Ambush 2x-3x.

Do I need to be more of a Tank? Would it help to wear 5 piece of heavy and 2 medium and not worry about weapon damage so much?

Any and all help is welcome! Not complaining about Nightblades simply looking for advice on how to compete. It could easily be that I simply suck at video games haha.
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  • arcantonias
    Impen trait on 4 or 5 pieces will help keep you from getting burst down. Other than that I would say throw down caltrops and stand in them to keep the nightblade from closing the gap on you in stealth. If you use 2h and s/b I would also recommend slotting reverberating bash to quickly cc them when they are in your face spamming ambush or surprise attack. combating fear is more or less dependent on your stam regen and cp into tumbling since you cannot block it. I am cp capped with 17 points into tumbling and 75 in stam regen. I run with around 1900 stam regen, 4100 weapon damage, 55% physical crit with self buffs on my 2h bar. Those numbers can be alot higher depending on continuous attack buffs and the stam regen one from 2h. For small scale pvp I run 3 robust agility jewelry, 5 hundings, 1 bloodspawn, 1 moleg kena, maelstrom maul and maelstrom bow. my chest is heavy, waist is light, rest medium. chest legs and helm are infused, rest is impen. maul is precise, bow is sharpened. weapon damage enchants on jewelry, stam enchants on armor, maelstrom enchants on weapons. serpent mundus with max hp/stam regen food or tri stat drink, either tri pots or immovable/hp/stam pots. For s/b I would recommend using potentates if you can find it, it comes with a nice enchant on the sword and impen on the shield. Its only vr14 right now but is supposed to scale up to max level in the next content update. the 2 piece will give you more stam regen on your s/b bar.
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