cant play, game keeps crashing

so... for more than a day now, with only automated replies from customer support, i cant really play. my game keeps lagging out and crashing to the login screen. this happens every time, about a minute after login. sometimes it rubberbands as well.

I rebooted my PC, it didnt help. i found and used the repair function, it didnt help. i updated my video driver, it didnt help.

i know its not my internet, as only ESO is doing this. prior to this issue, nothing had changed. now i just cant play since sometime monday afternoon... its a pain to do crafting writs, but at least i can talk to the stablemaster. certainly cant do any quests or dailys though. and the only ones at customer support are the dwemer constructs, working tireless with automated responses.
  • Teulisch
    after 3 days of no response from customer support, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. the same problem of crashing to login after a minute of play continues.
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