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Anyone know where to get the quest a khajits tale sorry if i spelld it wrong.
  • Malsidius
  • Vonovosi
    what zone is it in? I think u get it from a dunmer in a tavern, if it is the 1 I am thinking of.
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  • Danikat
    Do you have any more information on the quest? What faction it's for, what zone it's in, any NPCs involved etc?

    I've tried searching both The Elder Scrolls Wiki and The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages for:
    A Khajiit tale
    A Khajiit's tale
    The Khajiit tale
    The Khajiit's tale
    (And just in case I tried spelling tale as tail too.)

    I didn't get any results, and both have had at least some mention of every other quest I've looked up.
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  • UrQuan
    That's not by any chance the one in Woodhearth in Greenshade where the guy wants to be transformed into a Khajiit is it? If so, then @Vonovosi is right: you get it from a Dunmer in a tavern there.
    Edited by UrQuan on December 30, 2015 9:37PM
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