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launcher stuck at LOADING? Game crashes frequently? I might have a solution for you.

Soul Shriven
OK so I had the same problem with the launcher, so looks like people that has the game installed via STEAM are having this problem, their launcher gets stuck and it doesn't move on from that point forward. All you need to do is uninstall the game from STEAM and download the installer from the game's website, just login into your account and hit DOWNLOAD, after that just open the installer and you should be fine, the problem is with STEAM not the game.

Second problem is the crashed every 5mints or so. The best thing you can do is roll back your graphic drivers or delete them all and install them manually make sure that the driver is for your windows for example: (358.60 Windows10 x64bit) is good to this manually that way you can see for what windows the update compatible, I'm saying this because one of the latest updates for Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 760 graphic card(my current graphic card) wasn't compatible with Windows10 and it gets installed or it might have some problems while installing, it can crash during installation or it wont install at all, if it gets installed it will give you problems with your game making it crash several times, making it impossible to play. So I do recommend you roll back the graphic drivers.

I hope this has helped you.
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  • Wily_Wizard
    Thanks for posting, hopefully it will help some people.

    Unfortunately I tried nearly every Nvidia driver from the last 5 months, especially the ones that were working perfect before, and nothing changed. The game still crashes every 5 minutes or so, regardless of what I'm doing in the game or where I am. I also tried switching to the "stable" version of flash, removing/replacing any other devices that require 3rd party drivers, and completely disabling all power saving schemes. Additionally I removed game addons, even though they worked perfectly before. Finally, I adjusted the cooling curve on my GPU fan to provide nearly maximum cooling, at the cost of more noise, but note that my GPU temps were not high, in fact they are lower than average, as my system is water cooled and laid out well.

    I have repaired my game and my OS at least 20 times each, and nothing I have done even remotely affects the frequency of the crashes. These are not simple game crashes either, when it crashes, it takes my whole system down instantly, like someone just unplugged my PC. I have to restart every time. I cant think of anything else I can do, it almost seems like my server profile is bugged.

    At this point I have conceded the game is unplayable for me, and so I just try to logon every day to feed horses and collect mats in email. Hopefully the next update will do something to fix this mess. (note: I also see there is no maintenance tomorrow. I hope this wont go on for too long)
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