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[Spoilers] Orsinium - Neramo

This got me a bit confused on the storyline from each factions.

When you meet Neramo at the bottom of the quarry (Dwemer ruins) and you already met Neramo back on the DC questline, he will greet you and talk about the time in Stros M'Kai and all of that. The issue I have right now that is puzzling me is... If you are either a Dominion or Pact player, you have met Neramo in a "virtual reality" (Silver or Gold) where you would only experience the Covenant as if it was a dream of some sort but those events never really happened.

Now why would Neramo remember me from something that never technically occured? On the other side, if you really actually did the 2 other alliances , wouldn't your own faction try to kill you for helping the enemy?
  • Jura23
    I don't think ZOS is considering details like this. Personally I just get over these mistakes and pretend they never happened.
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  • Enodoc
    I was wondering if that would happen. It's just a technical oversight that they probably can't be bothered to address (in the same way that minor NPCs in your own faction will also refer to some of the events that occurred during the "alternate timelines"). The game will look for whether that quest is completed, and that's it. (A simple extra check to address this would be to have the game look at your alliance and only give the dialogue if you match DC.)

    If you want a lore answer, I guess you could say that we have no idea how Meridia's alternate timeline setup works. It could be that if the events have happened in that alternate timeline, any time you meet related characters from that timeline, those meetings would occur in a closed-bubble extension of that specific alternate timeline, rather than as a part of your primary timeline. (If you know Final Fantasy XIII-2, bubbles of alternate timelines pop up in that quite a lot :stuck_out_tongue:)
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  • ListerJMC
    Well, I mean, Neramo's an odd one anyway. He randomly knows you don't have a soul with absolutely no explanation on Betnikh, maybe he's just a bit more clued in to everything? :D


    Seriously though I'm really not sure how they decide what dialogue you get, because my DC character hadn't done Coldharbour before Orsinium and I was getting all this dialogue about Darien's disappearance which made no sense because he was only up to the Alik'r. I could ask characters what happened to them post-Coldharbour too which was odd. On the flip side there were some characters who rightfully didn't recognise him, like Kireth and Raynor Vanos who he hadn't met yet.

    My main had completed Coldharbour at the time, so I don't know if that set off the "check box" for all my characters. It's a strange system, but having already done the main quest I was fine with getting bonus "spoiler" information. Orsinium is chronologically after Coldharbour anyway.
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