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Character deleted. Horrible support so far :/

Soul Shriven
My account was recently hacked and my character was deleted. I am the farthest thing from a casual player. My characters name was johnthesorc, obviously a sorcerer. He was vet 16 and wore legendary Julianos (sometimes legendary overwhelming surge), had legendary molag kena helmet and shoulders and a legendary maelstrom lightning staff and maelstrom restoration staff. I was placing in top 15 for vet maelstrom North American server (Xbox) every week. When I saw my character was deleted I broke down. Since then I have submitted multiple tickets and poor responses have been the hallmark. Basically they said sorry there's nothing we can do. I asked if I could at least have the 20 xp scrolls I had on him that I bought on Black Friday. They said no they can not recreate deleted items. I have friends that have gotten their monster sets they deleted sent back to them. I have spent so much money and time on this game. Please make this right and restore my character ZOS. I am posting on the forums in hopes that making my horrible treatment thus far public, you will start taking the matter seriously and try to actually help me!
  • Heindrich
    I feel your pain, but when you say your account got hacked... how? IIRC, Zenimax do restore accounts if the "hack" occurred as a result of some malicious attack. However they won't do anything if (for example) you gave your password to somebody you trusted, or somebody accessed your account from your home and played a vicious prank on you. (i.e. if their system was not compromised)

    For example I have a lot gold, I could sell it all and then claim I was hacked and ask for it back, so to prevent that type of scam, Zenimax must be quite strict about what they can "fix". I am not even remotely suggesting that is what you've done, but just an example of why such rules exist.
  • Jmurphs94
    Soul Shriven
    I had my character and then when I signed back on he was gone. I get what you're saying but I'm sure they keep records, especially of purchases from the crown store. Zenimax has logs of trades I did with my friends weeks ago in sure. It is hard for me to believe they can not help out in any way. Not even by giving the scrolls bought with real money back. Ya know? I'm working now another sorc for now but I would like zos to right the wrong and give me johnthesorc back
  • DieterP
    In my honest opinion it seems as if 1:there understaffed
    Or 2:really don't care about anyone's problems. 3: start paying the people who make this game better wages so it's done right the first time :smiley:
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