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Looking for : fun, open minded, mature people / clan :)

Hello new Friends,
I have been playing a lot on Skyrim, Mass Effect, Defiance and after a non gaming year Im back, and new on ESO. :smile:
Looking for a laid-back, fun atmosphere, a group of open minded, mature people... a clan which is about fun. :smile:
Have many friends, but we are not always online at the same time.
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GT: Battle5Star
Xbox EU
  • Jarry17
    Add me I'll play around
    GT: SK3L BON3
  • SJD_Phoenix
    Hey there :)

    You're exactly what British Mercenaries is looking for. I'll send you both an invite in game later, come into chat 1 and join in.

    We're around 100 strong with 10-20 really active members running dungeons and PvP.
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