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PS4 Button Layout / Customization

I sincerely appreciate the work that goes into trying to make Online MMO work on a controller that said there are three things thatvreally bother me about the PS4 controller configuration.

No auto-run feature for player or mount travel.

Why is weapon swap located on the left D-pad to a place on the controller where you left thumb is most likely to be used for movement constantly with the left analog stick. You either have quit moving (bad option - You've played Malestom Arena correct) or take your right hand off your grip reach over your left to swap weapons while still moving another bad option in combat.

Customs button mapping quite honestly the easiest for ergonomically use with current controller setup to place weapon swap on the option key and UI menu activation of option key to the left D pad you can't do this because there is no custom button configuration ability in the game UI, just two equally hard to use set ups.

There is workaround using PS4 settings I've found mapping weapon swap to R3 and the R3 functions to down D-pad. But this applies to all game and PS4 UI navigation. Which makes this a complete pain the ass even if you enable quick menu activation and deactivation.

Can we please get either.....

Custom button mapping, or
Some better custom layouts options

Pretty please, and unrelated text chat please for consoles good lord how did you release an MMO with no text chat geez already.

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