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Dungeons VR16?

Soul Shriven
I see the dungeons now scale to VR16, but my friends and I do next to no damage to enemies. What's the deal? Are we doing something wrong or are we just too weak? We're VR2 trying to do Spindleclutch and can't even kill the first mobs.
  • lolo_01b16_ESO
    The dungeon scales to your group leader. So if the leader is v16 and the rest of the group is v2 you'll have a hard time. But if the leader is v2 aswell, the enemies should be v2 and you should be able to complete the dungeon if you use decent gear + skills and are familiar with the game mechanics.
  • Meathook94
    NOPE! I've been in a few groups were no one was near VR16 and the dungeon scales to that for some reason. I was just in a useless group a moment ago (which I had to disband because "LynnyP7" was just standing around doing nothing and it was a 3-person group. Can't beat the dungeon with just one other person.) I was the highest rank, VR15, which I just got, and the dungeon was scaled to VR16 again.
  • jeppyboi
    As long as the tanking is doing his job properly you should have no issues. Tank should be taking aggro away from dps and heals. Tank should have over 25k health to make it work. Tank and heals are the most important people to make the group work. Tank should have sword and shield.. Unless they have inner fire.
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