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White Werewolf Digital Painting to Celebrate my Guild's Milestone!

This is a painting I did to celebrate the milestone of 100 bites given for free by my guild; Priests of Hircine, for werewolves who never charge for the bite!

Edited by Glaiceana on November 7, 2015 12:31PM
Priests of Hircine
Werewolves who bite for FREE! PC/EU
Our total free bites: 6000+
Guild Subreddit | Forum Thread | YouTube Playlist
Total Champion Points: 1000+
Main Character: Ithaera - Stam DK, Nord, Female, DD, Werewolf. (TITLES)
Rothelnog - Stam NB, Orc, Male, DD, Werewolf.
J'Xena - Mag DK, Khajiit, Female, DD, Werewolf.
Dances-With-Frost-Dragons - DK, Argonian, Male, Tank, Werewolf.
Raziel The Paradox - Mag TP, Dark Elf, Male, DD, Vampire.
Swims-Through-Starlight - TP, Argonian, Female, Healer, Werewolf.
Glaicean Mag Ward, High Elf, Male, Ice DD, Werewolf.
Hjurne Hircine's Forsaken - Sorc, Redguard, Male, PvP DD, Werewolf.
My Total Free Werewolf Bites: 401 (Ask me about bites if you need one!)
Playing since July 2015!
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