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Let us re-trait gear

Please give crafters the option or ability to change the traits on gear, enchants can be overwritten but theres no way to fix a horrible trait on your new shiny BOP item. maybe make it a new passive or incorperate it in the main skill (so you have to have it maxxed to re-trait v16 gear)

  • remilafo
    two solutions:

    1. yes crafters can re-trait gear. ... it's beem discussed before, ZOS response was "not at this time and no future plans"

    2. Re-work or overhaul the traits so there is a reason to use soemthing other than divines. many posts with some very good ideas. ZOS response was , we are looking into this..

  • Angarato
    sooooo somewhere in 2017 xD got it
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