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Official Discussion Thread for "ESO Live's Next Episode: 11/20"

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This is the official discussion thread for the blog article ESO Live's Next Episode: 11/20. We'll be recapping all the recent ESO news, going through lots of questions from the Ask Us Anything thread, and talking with Lead Loremaster Lawrence Schick about Wrothgar's Lore.

And maybe we'll be giving away some neat items, too. :) Look forward to seeing everyone on Twitch tomorrow!
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  • Fecius
    This is great! Thank you for inviting Lawrence! He's so cool, that I just cant not to love him!
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  • Enodoc
    Hey @ZOS_GinaBruno, the EN-GB/Int'l version says the stream will be at 9:00PM BST, but it should be 9:00PM GMT. Thanks!
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  • Elebeth
    I don't know where exactly to post this so I'm going to take liberty and post it here and in the AuA thread.

    Question for mr. Lawrence Schick:

    Orsinium quests are (mostly) all about traditional vs progressive, Malacath vs Trinimac, and I loved it! However, despite all of the given information on the topic of the two deity's, it was never explained or even hinted at what the Orsimer actually think about the fact that the Malacath is/was Trinimac.
    How do Trinimac priests explain the fact that they worship non/semi-existent deity? How can there even be one and the other at the same time? Is Trinimac just an "Idea" used to rally Orc people towards "greater common goal"?


    Can you please elaborate on the fact that Malacath and Trinimac are the same/split deity but no one in Wrothgar seems to bother with the fact?

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  • XDark_One13
    Loved this episode of ESO Live!
    Can Lawrence come back to ESO Live in the future? I loved hearing lore from the man who invented it!
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