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Rank 13 DK looking for a pvp guild and a trader guild

Hey guys, I'm looking for two guilds, a pvp guild and a trader guild with a store. Willing to donate weekly funds to help contribute for a merchant.

Been playing since the beginning, trying to finish the grind to rank 16. I'm more casual then hardcore when it comes to play time, do try to get on several nights a week though; eastern time.

Also interested in vet dungeons as a tank.

Psn TwistedRemorse

Thanks guys
  • TwistedRemorse
    Guess I should have added I'm in ebonheart pact, lol
  • Gankimus
    This one recommends you switch to PC and re-roll a decent AD character, a Khajit would be best, they are the most clever and the most handsome. Then you must join the Dominion Imperial Guard because we are very friendly and smell fresh even after battle. Also, we keep a nice trading stall that does brisk commerce.
    Edited by Gankimus on October 31, 2015 2:14AM
    AD NB AR Volunteer
    Former Mayor of Cropsford
    Former GM of Dominion Imperial Guard
    Current GM Shi No Dojo
  • BigDSoulReaper
    Hello! I am the Guild Master of Immortal Kings and i would like to invite you to our guild! we are an Ebonheart Pact Guild. We have over 260 members and are always looking for dedicated players. we are a multinational multiplatform community with our own forum so we can communicate even when not on or gaming consoles. to give you a little info, when you join you will be a squire for a week. As a squire you will be able to donate into our guild bank but wont be able to withdraw till you are a knight. we have daily scheduled events but none are mandatory as we are a mixture of hardcore and casual gamers. all our members are 18+. if this sounds like something you would be interested in check out our website immortalkingz.com and sign up and you will be responded to within 24hrs. i will let you know we use ”Line” app to communicate.
    Immortal Kings GuildMaster
    There are greats, there are legends, then there are Immortals!
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