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Looking for some online friends and a guild to join!

Soul Shriven
Hey everyone! The title says it all!
I've been super lonely playing this game so far. None of my "real world" friends are into MMOs so I've mostly been playing by myself since I got the game. I'm a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls series though and I couldn't pass up getting into this game. At this point I'm just looking to make some online friends and join a guild that I can casually play with so I can start enjoying all the multiplayer functions and benefits of the game. I'm relatively new to the multiplayer side of the game but I've done my research and I'm ready to start using them.
My main character is a level 49 wood elf Aldmeri Dominion. As I'm coming up close to veteran level I need to start getting the most out of this game because as much as I try I can't get any of my friends to get into this title, and as much as I keep telling myself I can play it alone there's no denying I need some ESO companions and a noble banner to represent !

Please respond with any invitations or just add my PSN and let's play ! I have a mic and I'm a really friendly guy (well at least I'd like to think so).
My PSN is PsychoticKock I'm 19 (if it matter to you) and I'm really looking forward to meeting some cool people.
  • ramirodonreyes23
    I would play with u but i dont think we r in the same alliance bht u can add me im lvl33 psn ramirodonreyes23.
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