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Looking for a casual guild in EP

Hello! My friend and I are looking for a guild that only cares about having fun. I also have some social anxiety, so I have issues when it comes to teamspeak so I would appreciate if teamspeak wasn't a requirement. I haven't really had much experience with MMOs, this isn't my first but I think it is the only one I have stuck with for more than 50 hours. I am an Imperial Stamina Templar and my friend is a Dark Elf Templar healer. We are also both level 10.
  • Aandre_the_Giant
    Tyrs Paladium is interested.

    Here's a little bit about Tyrs...

    Tyrs Paladium is an active medium sized guild that has two simple concepts. We are drama free and we don't zerg (rush ahead leaving others behind). We are quite organized and live by our motto: Play hard, laugh hard and win, together. We are very friendly to the new player, returning player, and a veteran player that likes to group with knowledgeable folks without all the typical egos, drama and riff-raff of the typical guild. And Yes we actually enforce our policies.

    We have one of the most active guild websites there is, created by and for guildies only. On this site, you could find plenty of game tips in the Tyrs Library, sign up for scheduled guild content in the Tyrs War Room shoot the sh!t in the Tyrs Tavern, or listen to our esoteric MP3 player in the Tyrs Mosh Pit!

    If you don't mind, I'd like to share a few links with you:

    ** ESO Forums guild recruitment thread promoting our guild.

    ** This is our site. Its private, however you can see a few things, and even peek at our guild rules.

    Once you read our guild rules, if you think they are fair, let me know and we'll get you both in right away!

    Travel well,

    Tyrs Paladium Guild Founder

    Aandre_the_Giant (Tyrs Forum Name - Commodore, Main Character - Frobozz of Zork, Sorcerer)
    Guild Founder
    TYRS PALADIUM - A Premier Elder Scrolls Online Founders Guild
    No Drama. Camaraderie. TEAM Focus. That's the TYRS way. If that's your style, come join us!

    Research our Guild here: Read our official Recruitment thread | Sign up here: Tyrs Guild Website!
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